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Fake Taliban and Compromised leaders

By Dr Shahid Qureshi : –

Islam doesn’t need defending with an army or militia surely not by the students or ‘Taliban’? It is questionable that why and how religious elite failed to pass this message across the people? Islam as religion and Muslims co-existed flourished on the basis of high quality education, science and technology with other religions and civilisations for centuries.

The ‘pay as you go’ fake Taliban drama with some criminal elements should wrap up now because people are not buying it? These heavily foreign funded and infiltrated are a bait to achieve something else ‘denuclearise Pakistan’ as many believe? May be it is time to take this mess to the doorsteps of the sponsors in the neighbourhood who says ‘your rubbish is my bread and butter’ as written on the rubbish collecting truck.

Critics say this so-called war on terror is the biggest fraud of the century which started from hunting of 9/11 terrorists of a dodgy group called Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan, then FATA in Pakistan. Osama and Al-Qaeda are like ‘foot and mouth’ disease which can be exported, planted, imported to any desired location from Afghanistan, Swat, FATA to Somalia, Darfur in Sudan or Yemen interestingly Chinese interest are linked to most of these places?

US invasion of Afghanistan the drug production in Afghanistan shot up from almost zero to 1400% according to London based Drug scope research. “Afghanistan’s drug market approximately worth $35 billion a year of which $380 million is going to Taliban/insurgents….

President Obama seems to be ‘short changed’ himself on the policy of war in Afghanistan? He seemingly has no choice but to carry on following the script of Bush Administration? The continuation of Robert Gates has Defence Secretary and rest of the team behind the scene is almost same which clearly shows the weakness of President Obama?

Since the US invasion of Afghanistan the drug production in Afghanistan shot up from almost zero to 1400% according to London based Drug scope research. “Afghanistan’s drug market approximately worth $35 billion a year of which $380 million is going to Taliban/insurgents in Afghanistan’ according to a senior diplomat. There are 1000 check posts and approximately 120,000 troops on Pakistani side of the Afghan border as compare to 100 Afghan check posts.

The US sponsored Afghan government do not want Pakistan to electronically fence approximately 2500 kilometres long treacherous border on some places? The US policy in Afghanistan completely failed as many people say. The war crimes and violations of human rights, international law and atrocities committed by the Bush Administration is a dot on the human history. As critic say there was no other 9/11 on the US soil, ‘that is true’ but did some one ask why the first 9/11 happened and who benefited from it?

US is an occupied and hostage country from within and need to free itself from the selfish and criminal minded group of people? Its politicians are mostly hostage to certain lobbies? When it will declare ‘unilateral declaration of independence’ or UDI is a matter of time? Sooner the better?

On the other hand Pakistani leadership is either too compromised or too corrupt or both to address the problem independently. It seems multi billion dollar assets of Asif Zardari, Nawaz Sharif and others are hurdles in the creation of an independent national policy? On 3rd May 2009 President Asif Zardari stopped in London while heading to the USA. He had many hours long meeting with the London based leader of the MQM Mr Altaf Hussain whom his wife late Benazir Bhutto called ‘fascist killer’.

Shabaz Sharif Chief Minister of Punjab province came to London on a private visit for ‘check up’ at the end of April 2009. He met with the British Foreign Secretary David Miliband at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. Pakistan High Commission’s Press attaché denied any knowledge of such meeting and involvement of any official of the High Commission.

According to a senior analyst said, ‘people of Pakistan see their leaders not connecting with them but with US and UK therefore, they are convinced that these leaders are corrupt, compromised and this war is not their war and governments are lying to them since 2001. What could be the reason that from Musharaf to Zardari none had the spine to stand up for the country? The only reason could be that, have they been caught up in something and being blackmailed?

In his book Sexpionage, author David Lewis tell of an interview he had with a Russian sex spy (swallow) Vera, who told him that, ‘how the KGB recruited intelligent and attractive girls from schools and colleges…. We were told we should remember that we were soldiers fighting in the front line of a bitter ideological battle….

According to the book ‘The world’s Greatest Spies and Spymasters’, by Roger Boar and Nigel Blundell, (page 130), Yuri Krotkov a film script writer used by the KGB to setup seductions, often using actresses as bait. Maurice Dejean France’s ambassador to Russia arrived in Moscow with his pretty wife in 1955, and was quickly picked out by KGB sex trap master mind Lieutenant General Oleg Gribanov as likely target. His roving eyes made him vulnerable. Krotkov, who had previously compromised Mexicans, Indians, Pakistanis Americans, and Britons decided to win ambassador’s trust by charming his wife, Marie Claire…, Top politicians and diplomats were/are not the only victims of Soviet swallow sex traps’.

“Indonesian President Ahmed Sukarano had a worldwide reputation as womaniser, so it was only natural that the KGB should try blackmail him with a sex trap when he visited Moscow. He was introduced to a stream of expertly trained beautiful swallows, and filmed making love to all of them in his hotel suite. But when the evidence was shown to him prior to a blackmail bid, Sukarno amazed the Soviet agents by asking copies of the films to take home for public showing, adding: My people will be really proud of me’. The recruitment attempt went no further.”

Now the lesson for the Pakistani politicians, bureaucrats, generals and others is if you have done some thing wrong don’t get blackmailed? Admit your mistakes take stolen money back to Pakistan and people might forgive?

(Dr Shahid Qureshi is award wining journalist and writer on foreign policy & security based in London)


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