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Fake Chemicalised Milk made with Urea, Shampoo and Washing Powder being sold in Lahore

(London Post Report ): –

Chemicalised Fake milk made with Urea, Shampoo, vegetable oil and washing powder is being sold in the city of Lahore and rest of the Punjab province in Pakistan. Urea is used as fertilizer in the farming.

According to the Lahore News investigative TV program ‘Sarak Chap’ (Road Master) chemicalised fake milk is produced on large scale by the milk men and others related to this business in and around the city of Lahore.

The population of Punjab is 110 million more than the total population of United Kingdom. Its current chief minister Shabaz Sharif owns a property in Edgware Road London and a frequent visitor and almost resident. His brother Nawaz Sharif disqualified Prime minister of Pakistan and his kids own multi billion dollar empire abroad. They have no time for people of Pakistan and their problems from clean drinking water, to fake milk and donkey meat production.

The reporter demonstrated the whole process in the video. click on video Link.


He was of the view that demand of milk in city of Lahore with over 7 million cannot be met with the existing cattle and farms therefore crook elements have come up with this.

This milk is being fed to the babies, children, and adults. That is one of the reason perhaps that Pakistanis have high number of kidney related deaths and increase in kidney problems.

Not to mention the waterborne diseases of which all of Pakistan is suffering as Government has completely failed to provide clean drinking water.

The hyper active Chief Minister has no time to think about providing clean drinking water to the people of Punjab.

“I would ask British Foreign Office and DEFID specially to raise the issue of corruption and provision of basic health facilities and production of such damaging milk in the capital city of Punjab province, with Pakistan as British taxpayer’s money be well spent at home” said a senior British analyst.

The reporter said: there is no tagging system available which lead to the source of the milk producing farm or source. The Punjab food authority is inactive and inefficient body mostly involved in corruption.

After supplying Donkey meat in the Lahore meat markets, restaurants and big hotels this is another big scandal which is playing with the health of the country.

Corrupt leadership is too busy in its own affairs and dealing with the criminal cases and have no time to address this serious health matters.

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