‘Even Hindus eat beef’, says Lalu Prasad – BJP demands apology


Patna: Rashtriya Janata Dal chief Lalu Prasad has stirred a hornet’s nest with his recent comments where he said “even Hindus eat beef”, with the BJP demanding an apology for the remarks.

The RJD supremo’s remark comes against the backdrop of the lynching of a Muslim man in Dadri following rumours that he had consumed beef. While speaking to the media, Lalu Prasad said that the BJP is using the issue of beef ban to “communalise the nation”.

“This issue is being used solely for communalising the nation. Hindus eat beef, so do Indians living abroad. For someone who consumes meat on a regular basis, it does not matter if it is beef or mutton,” Lalu Prasad said.

BJP leader Giriraj Singh took strong offence to the leader’s remarks and has demanded that he immediately apologise for it. Singh has threatened to stage a protest if Lalu Prasad does not issue an apology for his comments soon.

 “We will launch an agitation from Lalu’s house if he does not withdraw his comments,” Singh told the media.

Lalu Prasad however had added a disclaimer after his comments, saying that “cultured people” do not consume meat. He said people “must not eat meat as it is a source for many diseases”.

“Cultured people do not eat meat at all,” Lalu said, while responding to a question on the Dadri lynching.

50-year-old Mohammad Ikhlaq was beaten to death and his 22-year-old son Danish was critically injured by a 200-strong mob that barged into their house on Monday night following rumours that the family had consumed beef. Cow slaughter is banned in Uttar Pradesh.

Courtsey: Deccan Chronicle | October 03, 2015, 16.31 pm IST