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Europe’s ‘Srebrenica Genocide’, Secret Soldiers and Israeli Terror in the Balkans

By Kashif Ahmed :-

The Judeo-European-U.S. plan to dismember Yugoslavia was devised in the midst of the Cold War (1982-84) and brutally implemented between 1989-99.

The U.S.-Israel and their subordinates, employed Serbian plutocrats to incite a racial-religious conflict; the intent being to break Yugoslavia, a non-aligned and united country, along ethnic-sectarian lines: Shabbos Goy propagandists like Miroljub Jevtic, Darko Tanaskovic, Vojislav Lubarda etc, were all– in some way, shape or form–linked to the illegitimate state of Israel, and subtly propagating the evil ideology of Jewish extremism.

Some Serbs, unfortunately, have been used & discarded by Jewish fanatics / Western imperialists through the ages: They were framed for starting The First World War, corralled into Communist clusters for WWII. And in this particular scenario: Serbs became the puppets of Zionist Jewry, the EU and the Rothschild central bank.

“…Expanded efforts to promote quiet revolution to overthrow governments and parties, while reintegrating the countries of Eastern Europe into a market-oriented economy.”

U.S. Policy towards Yugoslavia, U.S. National Security Decision Directives (NSDD) 54 and 133, (1982)

Bosnian Muslims (along with some Croats and Serbs) supported the federation, and tried to keep their country together:

“Our fathers died to create Yugoslavia. We will not go down the road to national conflict. We will take the path of Brotherhood and Unity.”

Yugoslavian President, Raif Dizdarević , 1989.

“An insidious plan has been drawn up to destroy Yugoslavia. Stage one is civil war. Stage two is foreign intervention. Then puppet regimes will be set up throughout Yugoslavia”.

General Veljko Kadijević, Yugoslavian Defence Minster, 1991.

But pro-Israeli, anti-Muslim Serbs, were convinced they could replace Yugoslavia with ‘Greater Serbia’ by eliminating the Croats and Muslims.

Croatia and Slovenia wanted out for different reasons (for Slovenia; it was an economically motivated decision, for Croatia; more of an existential one) and declared independence in June 1991 (beginning the Serbian-Croatian war 1991-96). Bosnia and Herzegovina (also targeted for assassination) declared independence in March 1992.

Now Serbia’s expansionist agenda had stalled in Croatia, after a UN ceasefire. And didn’t make much of an impact in Slovenia (who saw off Slobodan Milošević’s men in a rather uneventful, 10 day war in 1991). Given that they had the full support of the U.S.-Israel-EU; Belgrade sought to make an example out of Sarajevo; and snuff out the ethnically diverse, Muslim majority republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Zionist Serbs were very eager to tout the Bosnian war; as a war against the creation of a new Muslim country in Europe: They would receive plenty of behind-the-scenes help from like-minded lunatics in the U.S.-Israel-EU, to carry out their demented plan. Bosnia, meanwhile, was on her own.

Zionists Pit Brother Against Brother

The Zionist Serbian leadership, used fake patriotism to dupe and incite the ignorant masses into a frenzied rampage against their neighbours; people with whom they’d lived in peace for centuries. These particular Serbs had no interest in defending Yugoslavia, but were willing stooges for the Rothschild agenda, and enthusiastically played their treacherous role in the U.S.-Israeli-EU instigated, 4th Generation War: “Yugoslavia should not have been founded in the first place…”, Radovan Karadzic, 2011.

The Unholy Alliance: Israel’s Bloody Hand in Serbian War Crimes

“Supreme Court rules against exposing Israel’s role in Bosnian genocide: Citing potential damage to Israel’s foreign relations, the Supreme Court rejects a petition calling to reveal details of the government’s arms exports to the Serbian army during the Bosnian genocide.

Israel’s Supreme Court last month rejected a petition to reveal details of Israeli defence exports to the former Yugoslavia during the genocide in Bosnia in the 1990s. The court ruled that exposing Israeli involvement in genocide would damage the country’s foreign relations to such an extent that it would outweigh the public interest in knowing that information, and the possible prosecution of those involved”.

By John Brown (Translated by Tal Haran), +972 Blog, Published December 5th, 2016

“Serbs allowed large parts of the Jewish community in Sarajevo to leave the (besieged) city…in August 1995, a news programme on Israeli television reported that Israeli arms dealers were supplying the VRS (Army of Republika Srpska–Bosnian-Serbs). The intermediary in this was Jezdimir Vasiljevic, a banker and a confidant of Milosevic. In October 1991, he reached an agreement with Israel, and after that transactions went via the Croat Boris Krasni and the state companies Jugoeksport”.

Srebrenica: a ‘safe’ area, Professor Cees Wiebes, Appendix II, Intelligence and the war in Bosnia 1992-1995: The role of the intelligence and security services, Studies in Intelligence History.

“The secret services of Ukraine, Greece and Israel were busy arming the Bosnian Serbs. Mossad was especially active and concluded a deal with the Serbs at Pale involving a substantial supply of artillery shells and mortar bombs…they (Serbian troops) secured safe passage for the Jewish population out of the besieged town of Sarajevo. Subsequently, the remaining population was perplexed to find that unexploded mortar bombs landing in Sarajevo sometimes had Hebrew markings.”

The Srebrenica report reveals the Pentagon’s role in a dirty war, Richard J Aldrich, The Guardian, 22nd Apr 2002

Srebrenica: A Siege Too Far

The EU backed arms embargo against Bosnia and Herzegovina, meant that Serbian forces had the upper hand from the onset. This was a deliberate move: U.S.-EU sanctions were levied on Serbia after the Vukovar massacre, November 1991–where Serb paramilitaries killed Croatian civilians and POWS. These sanctions were meant to hurt ordinary Serbs (not the militants, who were secretly receiving help from the U.S-Israel-EU), and erode the civil infrastructure (e.g. jobs, healthcare etc).

Rothschild’s economic hit-men in the IMF, had already saddled Belgrade with a $19 billion debt: The idea being that impoverished Serbs would join separatist militias in higher numbers–e.g. There’s no central heating in Serbian homes, but millions of rounds of stockpiled ammunition and a slightly better standard of living on offer at the barracks: Externally engineered discomfort led to discontent, frustration, hostility and ultimately conflict.

Thus it wouldn’t be fair to blame all Serbs; for they too were targets of a conspiracy much bigger than most of them could fathom at the time; so its imperative to understand how political neglect and the external imposition of bad economic policies; took Yugoslavia and her people to the point of no return.

That said, the reality in 1995 was what it was: Hordes of U.S.-Israeli-EU backed, anti-Muslim, Serbian separatists were on the march to capture Bosnia and Herzegovina: They were brainwashed, boozed up, armed to the teeth and out for blood.

Bosniak defenders on the other hand: were overstretched, outgunned, outflanked and barely able to conduct minimally effective, counter-strikes against the battle-hardened aggressors.

Bosnian civilians were routinely killed by Serbian forces in unprotected areas: Survivors of these attacks were then displaced around their fracturing country (1992-95): From Drina to Zvornik, to Cerska, Foca, Bratunac and eventually into Srebrenica.

The Srebrenica Massacre, 11th–22nd July, 1995

Srebrenica was designated a UN ‘safe haven’ in 1993:

Bosnian President, Alija Izetbegovic, opposed the idea from the beginning, accurately predicting that these havens were glorified “…death traps, where displaced Bosnians, thinking they are safe, would instead become easy targets for Serb forces”.

Bosnian civilians were unsurprisingly betrayed by the UN, and slaughtered by Zionist Serbs–in the same way as Jews and Phalangists killed Palestinian and Lebanese civilians at Sabra & Shatllia, during the Israeli-Lebanon war (1982-85).

Serbian troops, under the command of General Ratko Mladić, and supported by paramilitaries of the Scorpions Unit along with a handful of pro-Israeli Greek gunmen; murdered scores of Bosnian civilians in a horrific, cowardly reign of terror and bloodshed: Its estimated that over 8,000 Bosnian Muslims were martyred in the 11-day siege / massacre.

Secret Soldiers and the Bosnian Fightback

The Srebrenica massacre became a macabre catalyst for many Muslim governments to intervene independently; free of U.S.-EU red tape and bureaucracy.

Once the Bosniaks got going; they devised an excellent counterinsurgency campaign to pacify Israeli backed, Serb forces.

Ultimately ending the conflict by joining Croatia’s superbly planned / executed, Operation Storm (4th–7th August, 1995), to lift the Serbian siege of Bihac, give our chaps an inroad back to Banja Luka, and put the whole bloody affair to bed.

Salute to our Bosnian brothers and sisters, and to the Iranian-Pakistani secret soldiers who allegedly armed the allies, conducted black-ops on the ground and helped turn the tide of the war.

Aftermath and Exploitation

Nowadays, the narrative about Yugoslavia in the West; has been partially hi-jacked by some of the very people who caused the conflict to begin with.

I think the one thing we can all agree on at this point, is that the war didn’t really help anyone; other than those Jewish oligarchs, bankers and so-called elites who hate the concept of national sovereignty and united, independent countries.

“The house of world order will have to be built from the bottom up rather than from the top down. It will look like a great ‘booming, buzzing confusion,’ to use William James’ famous description of reality, but an end run around national sovereignty, eroding it piece by piece, will accomplish much more than the old-fashioned frontal assault.”

Richard N. Gardner (U.S. Ambassador to Spain and Italy), The Hard Road to World Order, Foreign Affairs, Council on Foreign Relations (April 1974).

The Srebrenica massacre has become a highly politicised point of contention over the years: Which is why you’ll see the likes of Bono, Bill Clinton and even the G-ddamn ‘Simon Wiesenthal Center for Holocaust Studies’, shed crocodile tears over the Balkans.

Now don’t get me wrong; I’m not saying everyone in the West who says anything in support of Bosnia, has an ulterior motive: Just that we ought to be aware of the fact that some forms of ‘solidarity’, come with a very specific political caveat.

For example, I vehemently disagree with some of the things Angelina Jolie has to say about Syria and Bashar Al-Assad. But I can’t fault her on Bosnia, because what she’s saying here is true:

“I have never met more brave, dignified and resilient women than the Mothers of Srebrenica.”

Angelina Jolie, July 16th, 2018

I’m of the opinion that we should accept universal truths no matter where they come from. But at the same time; guard against any attempt to exploit our sentiments to serve some political agenda that goes against our best interests.

Anti-Russian, Rothschild-controlled regimes; are keen to stamp all Serbs with the genocide label over Srebrenica, so that they can say that Russia (some Russian mercenaries fought alongside the Serbs) aided & abetted genocide.

Again, what we have to remember is: Serbian policy in Yugoslavia (i.e. ethnic cleansing) was attempted genocide, and the Srebrenica massacre was a clear-cut war crime. But Rothschild-controlled governments want to weaponize this atrocity for political gain / leverage. We must not fall for that ploy, no matter how just the cause may be.

For their part, many Serbs are finally beginning to realise that the war was a U.S.-Israeli-EU orchestrated conspiracy. And quite a few Serbian politicians appear eager to make amends for the past.

“I kneel and ask for forgiveness for Serbia for the crime committed in Srebrenica. I apologise for the crimes committed by any individual in the name of our state and our people”.

25th April 2013, Serbian President, Tomislav Nikolić

In another reasonably positive development; The Butcher of Bosnia, Ratko Mladic, was sentenced to life imprisonment by the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) in November 2017: The Former Serbian military commander, was indicted on 10 counts of murder and genocide against Bosnian Muslims.

Zionism Rears its Ugly Head Again

But let’s not pretend it’s all behind us, because it isn’t: The Balkans are still littered with the figurative landmines of sectarian prejudice & bitter mistrust: Serbia is particularly prone to bouts of political schizophrenia: swinging back and forth from sincere reflection / a genuine desire to make peace, to Judeo-fascistic chicanery / ethno-supremacist delusions.

This week saw the 25th anniversary of Srebrenica, and according to Bosnian eyewitness and Srebrenica survivor, Almasa Salihovic: “Posters of Mladic have been put up around Srebrenica and Bratunac, reading: ‘Thank you General for 11th of July, the day of liberation of Srebrenica.’. That’s what scares me the most: Even if we don’t have incidents in Srebrenica like physical fights, we still have these hidden attacks which is far more worse. You have people who pretend that they’re nice, they greet you, they’re good. And all of a sudden, you see that they’re part of this: You have people who would still do the same thing tomorrow if they have the chance and if we don’t speak even more loudly than we do now, then I’m really not sure where this is going.”

And then there’s Serbian President, Aleksander Vucic; a shameless stooge for the illegitimate state of Israel and the EU: President Vucic encouraged genocide during the war, backed Radko Mladic and was the Information Minister in the Milosevic government. Vucic now openly supports the very regime (‘Israel’) that participated in planning the collapse of Yugoslavia.

The fact that Shabbos Goy Serbs (predominantly in Republika Srpska) still exert some influence on Bosnia and Herzegovina’s foreign policy, is also cause for concern: Their pernicious designs made apparent; when they prevented Bosnia from supporting Palestine at the UN in 2011 and 2017.

25 years on, and the crimes & horrors of war may be buried deep beneath the Earth; but the evil ideology (i.e. Jewish extremism) behind those crimes & horrors remains at large, roaming the streets in search of new souls to poison. So unless supported by their real allies and bought into the pro-Palestinian camp: Bosnia and Croatia risk being undermined by their sometimes-Zionist neighbour. More pressing than that perhaps, is the very real possibility that Tel Aviv could hoodwink Serbia into another regional misadventure: And that collaborationist politicos in Belgrade will gladly lead their people to disaster for the umpteenth time.

Lest we forget: Our Bosnian-Croatian allies may have won the war, but it was a war that neither Serb, Bosnian nor Croat wanted: A war that destroyed Yugoslavia. So lets not allow a few phliosemtic fools to deliberately repeat the mistakes of history. Lets try to move forward together; because many (perhaps the majority) of Bosnians, Serbs

and Croats are eager to embrace a future free from old enmity, free from the shackles of the Rothschild central bank, Zionists, the EU and all manner of corrupt politicians.

The federation doesn’t have to be restored in order to do this, nor does everybody have to shake-hands or pretend to be civil, all they have to do is not allow themselves to be goaded into another U.S.-Israeli trap. The former Yugoslavia deserves a chance to move forward just as the victims of Srebrenica deserve justice, but whether that’s possible or not, remains to be seen.

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