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The EU and the US, has imposed sanctions on Russian Individuals

(London – PR) : – The EU, together with Australia, Canada and the US, has imposed sanctions on individuals for their role in Russia’s use of military force against 3 Ukrainian vessels and their crew in the Kerch Strait and Black Sea in November 2018.

 The EU sanctions will prevent named individuals from travelling within the EU, and freeze any known assets linked to them in the EU.

The UK has consistently stood with Ukraine in opposing this attack and all instances of Russian aggression towards Ukraine, including Russia’s illegal annexation of Crimea five years ago. We will continue to do so together with our international partners.

 Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt said:

 “Today, the UK and our international partners in the EU, Australia, Canada and the US have sent an unequivocal message to Russia that their attack on Ukrainian vessels in the Kerch Strait and Black Sea last year was absolutely unacceptable. These sanctions are another example of the international community standing up to Russia as it persistently violates international law. We will continue to take necessary action together in response to Russia’s efforts to destabilise Ukraine.

“Russia must immediately release the 24 detained servicemen and return the seized vessels. We remain deeply concerned for the safety and welfare of the servicemen who are unjustly held in Russian custody. Russia must allow free and unhindered passage of Ukrainian and international ships through the Kerch Strait and the Sea of Azov.

 “We, with our international partners, stand with Ukraine in opposing Russia’s ongoing efforts to undermine Ukrainian security, sovereignty and territorial integrity.” 

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