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End of ‘Determination Storm’ in Response to Request of President Hadi

(London) Full text of Coalition Announcement the End of Decisive Storm including to President Hadi’s letter dated on 20th of April

Riyadh, Rajab 2, 1436, Apr 21, 2015, SPA — The Coalition Command announces today the end of ‘Determination Storm’ in response to a request of President Abdrabbo Hadi of Yemen, and the beginning of ‘Restore Hope’ operation.
The Coalition Countries stressed its support for the Security Council’s resolution No. (2216) and its keenness on protecting the Yemeni people and their gains.

As an explanation of the coalition countries’ previous announcement of the start of ‘Determination Storm’ operation stated in a statement on 26, March, 2015 in response to a request from His Excellency President Abdrabbo Mansour Hadi, President of the Republic of Yemen, and to repulse attacks of the Houthi militias and forces loyal to (Ali Abdullah Saleh) on the Yemeni people and their gains and legitimacy and the Houthi threat to the safety and security of the region’s countries, the coalition countries hereby announce that Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, King of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, has received a message from President Abdrabbo Mansour Hadi of the Republic of Yemen dated on 04 April 2015, expressing, on behalf of the Yemeni people, thanks to and appreciation of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and all sisterly countries of the pro-legitimacy coalition (coalition of determination storm operation) for their immediate response of His Excellency’s call for military intervention in Yemen to protect the Yemeni people against hostile aggression of the Houthi militias and their supporters internally and externally.

The message stated that Yemen’s history and the Arab nation will record with golden ink the firm historical stance which restored hope to the Yemeni people of their future whereas the Determination Strom has achieved its goals as follows:
1- Responding to a request of the Yemeni President in his message on 24, March, 2015, based on the principle of self-defense stipulated in the 51st article of the United Nations Charter, the Arab League Charter and the Treaty of the Arab Joint Defense by confronting the aggression carried out by the Houthi militias, troops loyal to Ali Abdullah Saleh and backed by external powers against Yemen and its people, aiming to extend their dominance in Yemen and make it a base for their influence on the region, a move threatening the entire region and the international peace and security as well.
2- Protecting legitimacy in Yemen and deterring any attack on the rest of the Yemeni regions.
3- Eliminating the threat targeting the security of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and neighboring countries, posed by heavy weapons and ballistic missiles seized by the Houthi militias and forces loyal to Ali Abdullah Saleh from the bases of the army and used them or threatened to use them against the Yemeni people.
4- Working towards combating the menace of terrorist organizations.
5- Laying the ground for resumption of the political process, in accordance with the GCC-sponsored initiative and its executive mechanism and the outcomes of the comprehensive national dialogue.

His Excellency added that this victory has been crowned by the issuance of the UN Security Council resolution No. 2216, under Chapter 7, that imposed a new reality and blocked the way against the move of all those who aim to wreak havoc, in Yemen and those sparking sedition in the country. And this will be the main prerequisite in the endeavor for a new future for Yemen. Consequently, the President anticipates the beginning of the process ‘Restore Hope’ for the Yemeni people, during which the work will start to achieve the set objectives. The President concluded his message as follows:
‘We are confident that our joint endeavors with the coalition countries and the world community would pave the way in Yemen for a new phase, in which its people will fold the latest hurtful events that wreaked it. Finally, Yemen peoples’ free will, in drawing their future, away from any subjugation or coercion or imposition of a status quo by force by the Houthi militias and their supporters will prevail.
We pray to Allah, the president said, to restore security and stability to the Yemeni people.

Best of regards,
Abdrabbo Mansour Hadi, the President

As mentioned in the message of President Hadi, the goals of Determination Storm operation have been achieved in accordance with the set plan, in a record time, since the beginning of the operations, which comprised neutralizing the bulk of military capabilities under the Houthi control which was posing threats to Yemen as well as neighboring countries and the region at large, in addition to controlling the airspace and the territorial sea, to prevent deliverance of arms to the Houthis, and maintaining the legitimate power to lay ground for an appropriate environment to exercise its tasks, support humanitarian situation inside Yemen, assist evacuation operations of foreigners, facilitate the tasks of voluntary medical crews and, promptly, provide various areas, especially, those witnessing hostilities with relief.
In a response to the request of President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi in his message dated on 20/04/2015, the countries of the coalition hereby announce ending of ‘Determination Storm’ operation by the end of this day and beginning of ‘Restore Hope’ operation which aims to achieve the following objectives:

1- A quick resumption of the political process in accordance with the Security Council resolution No. (2216), the GCC-sponsored initiative and the outputs of the comprehensive national dialogue.
2- Continuation of protecting civilians.
3- Continuation of combating terrorism
4- Continuation of facilitating evacuation of the foreign dependants and intensifying relief and medical assistance to the Yemeni people in the affected regions and allowing the international efforts to provide humanitarian assistance.
5- Confronting any military movements and operations carried out by Houthi militias and their supporters and preventing them from using the weapons they have looted from the camps or smuggled from abroad.
6- Establishing international cooperation, based on the ongoing efforts of the allies, to prevent, through accurate monitoring and inspection, the deliverance of weapons by air or sea to the Houthi militias and their ally, Ali Abdullah Saleh.

In this regard, the coalition countries appreciate the order issued by Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud allocating a sum of $ 274 million for relief and humanitarian works in Yemen via the United Nations.

The coalition countries confirm their keenness that the Yemeni people would restore security and stability away from the foreign domination and intervention aiming at triggering sedition and sectarianism in order to achieve their aspirations and hopes so that Yemen would return to practicing its natural role in its Arab environment, God willing.

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