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Elections: Ed Miliband faces Labour ‘anger’

Ed Miliband faces growing anger from within his own party following the local council election results, claim reports this morning.

Although Labour topped the polls in England with 31% of the vote, it faces an uphill battle to secure an overall parliamentary majority next year. Its share of the vote was seven points below the one it achieved a year before Neil Kinnock lost the 1992 election.

Ed Balls, the shadow chancellor, sums up the mood of frustration, telling the BBC: “It’s not good enough yet for Labour. We’ve got more to do if we’re going to really win the argument.”

One Labour frontbencher goes further, telling the Daily Telegraph that the party’s response to the results is “farcical”. He said: “The results aren’t all that bad, but we can’t even agree on what to say about them or about Ukip so we look ridiculous.”

Another source tells the newspaper: “The leadership have been trying to say that everything is fine. But there is a lot of anger towards Ed Miliband and his team. Things are not going as well as they should be.”

Some shadow cabinet members tell The Guardian that they were crowded out of the campaign. “People need more than policies,” says Harriet Harman. “They need to be able to have confidence in their local and national politicians. We’ve got more to do.”

However Miliband said the party had done well. “I think we ran a good campaign,” he insisted. “I believe that we can persuade people that Labour can offer answers.” ·

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