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Disarming Blackwater & MQM is necessary to fight Sectarianism in Pakistan

By Dr Shahid Qureshi -:

“This is the last chance for Pakistan, its politicians and armed forces to disarm the city from all criminal elements across the board without discrimination. People of Karachi are ready and fully support it for the future and economy of Pakistan. Pakistan needs Operation SWAT-2 in Karachi”.

Both MQM and Black-water are beyond control of the current, very weak Zardari regime for various reasons. Both feel they are above the law due to secret and open US protection through its assets in the country and abroad. Altaf Hussain and his MQM is an asset for both the US and Britain according to some analysts. Imagine if Irish leader Gerry Adam (IRA –Sinn Fein) starts making the same kind of provocative live broadcasts in Northern Ireland from Karachi? How would the British Government react? UN Sanctions against Pakistan and possibly even air strikes?

On the one hand, the British establishment ‘micro scoping’ the expenses of the MPs – naming, shaming and humiliating them for a few thousand pounds but on the other hand mercenary group leaders like that of the MQM are living in houses worth millions; reportedly paying millions in settlements with spouses. Surely record of house ownership is kept in the Land Registry Office; why the source of the money by which it is bought is not flagged up? What is the Serious Fraud Office (SFO) and New Scotland Yard doing? MQM meets the requirements to deserve the title of ‘mercenary’, for example:

· Serving for wages in a foreign army; “mercenary killers”,
· a (group) or person hired to fight for another country than their own.

The extreme of lawlessness in the past 25 months in Karachi was not spontaneous response of the mobs; it was meticulously planned and with full insight. A few months ago, General Sir Richard Dannat, Chief of Imperial General Staff, told me at the International Institute of Strategic Studies (IISS) in London that “there would be a role for the private defence contractors but with proper monitoring and strict legal control”. He was responding to my question that, “private defence contractors have converted the honorable profession of ‘soldiering’ into corporate business”. I have since written extensively on ‘private armies’ in various publications including a four part series in 2004.

Arrogance of the MQM members in Karachi is extraordinary. The former ‘mayor’ of Karachi abused and cursed the media and politicians in a live TV broadcast and did not apologies. One trip to the US sponsored by ‘sensitive departments’ and a few meetings with the local US Consulate had really turned his head. The Americans are quick in making friends and then killing them. The problem is that some Pakistanis think they are married to the Americans but the US treats Pakistan as its ‘girl friend’. They should remember that when mercenaries leave they don’t carry excess baggage, particularly their girl friends with them.

It is evident that the MQM is facilitating Xe/Blackwater. The question is, how:

by providing logistic support
by providing local intelligence – becoming its eyes and ears
MQM is settling its scores with the Pashtuns by eavesdropping on them for Xe/Blackwater (CIA).

Some elements belonging to small minority within the MQM are playing triple game and settling their grievances towards the largest majority. They are hiding behind pseudo liberalism and have hijacked the whole city; their loyalties are beyond party affiliations.

Access to infrastructure including that of the ‘military’ units and sectors of MQM as it is almost impossible for Xe/Blackwater to hire accommodation without MQM sector or unit in charge knowing and approving MQM workers take part in operations’ as they have been issued with thousands of ‘arms licences’ and permits for heavy weapons, apart from the arms kept illegally

The MQM sympathizers in sensitive government departments provide useful intelligence. It is believed that Xe/Blackwater and others receive live footage from the City Government’s CCTV system remotely. Who gave this CCTV and the remote control system to the City Government in the first place? Was it the CIA or Xe?

Why is the MQM harassing residents living close to the construction site of the new US consulate? The majority of the MQM leadership are foreign national. Starting with its Chief – British Citizen Altaf Hussain – who is never been to Pakistan since 1992, Sind Governor Dr Eshrat Abad Khan and his family?

Some analysts say that the ‘recent visit of the US ambassador HE Patterson to MQM Karachi HQ was a signal to all US assets that their loyalties should be with MQM’. Then a ‘shut up’ call was given by the British Foreign Secretary David Milliband to fellow British citizen Rehman Malik (Interior Minister) and Governor Eshart Abad Khan, which resulted in a joint press conference. But thousands of PPP worker shouted slogans against Rehman Malik because they were shocked to see how their government minister took the U turn. They even disowned him from PPP’. Rehman Malik’s interior ministry extended visas of Blackwater/Xe mercenaries without informing the foreign office. No wonder! Malik is a foreign asset in Pakistan and so is Asif Zardari.

Pakistanis are already suspicious of the US (and others) propaganda that Pakistani nukes are likely to fall into the hands of the Taliban continues in the American press. One wonders what might be the US intent! Seen in the light that American mercenaries having become overt operationally, it appears that the intent is to employ them to help US mercenaries like the Xe to ‘lift’ the Pak Nukes using the threat from the Taliban as an excuse.

“It is really ridiculous to say that the Taliban are going to walk into Pakistani nuclear sites and take control. Are nuclear weapons toys that can be taken away from an errant kid? It is common knowledge that different sections of the system are stored in different places; how can Taliban take over all sites and put them together” was my response to a question by Adam Brooks, BBC’s Washington correspondent, in a live program on BBC World Service TV on 23rd December 2009.

Some analysts believe that Blackwater Xe is a bigger threat to Pakistan’s nuclear sites then the Taliban. There are reports that (TTP) ‘Tehrik Taliban Pakistan’ is co-sponsored by CIA-Raw-Mossad and perhaps some other interested parties. In fact, TTP was created to fight the Taliban in Afghanistan but it is now being used for entrapment of Pakistan. The TTP attacks on Pakistani military and sensitive institutions are serving the purpose of the enemies of Pakistan including India. Al-Qaeda threat is like a ‘swine flue’ which can be used any where from Yemen, Somalia, Saudi Arabia and FATA depending on the aims, purpose and objectives of the Neoconic emerging policies in the concerned areas. Al-Qaeda is a trump card in the hands of the ‘defence contractors and war profiteers’, main beneficiaries of the so called ‘Global War on Terror and of 9/11 terror attack’.

Pakistan’s spy chief, Lt. General Shuja Pasha, is reported to have given proofs of CIA’s involvement in destabilizing/terrorist activities in Pakistan. According to some assessments, US mercenaries with support of ‘locally recruited agents’ are behind the targeted killings of senior Pakistani military officers and scholars, and also in arson attacks on markets suffocating of business to squeeze Pakistan’s economy.

According to reports, ‘four US nationals, who were dressed as Taliban and spoke Pashto, were arrested by the police approximately 1.5 miles from the Kahuta Nuclear Plant. They were carrying explosives and hand grenades in dozens in a large 4×4 vehicle with some kind of spying and jamming equipment. They were brought to the local police station but some high up in Rehman Malik’s Interior Ministry got those criminals released without charge and handed over to the US embassy. According to another report, the person who interceded was no other than Rehman Malik’s NRO partner and beneficiary Salman Faruqui, who is a Secretary General with President Asif Zardari’.

Shia minority elements are getting lions share in private security agencies business. There is spreading belief among the majority Sunnis that the Shias of Pakistan who are less than 3% of the population, are ruling the country from Presidency and the State Bank assisted by Shia dominance of the media. The so called ‘Shia left pseudo intellectuals’ have jumped on the US bandwagon every where. Pakistan as well as Iran should be careful. Even the leading lights of the MQM are mostly from the former ‘shia left’.

The CIA and other Western intelligence agencies are well known for ‘using the minorities’. Where the Shias are a majority, the West has not been able to infiltrate their organisation. But in Pakistan they are a minority; becoming more visible in halls of power is counter-productive. This the Iranians clearly understand. The questions one should be asking Rehman Malik are:

(a) why majority of the people and all the companies hired by Xe/Black Water are Shias?
(b) Why Rehman Malik always name of Sunni sectarian groups/organisations minutes after an incidents and Altaf Hussain always blame the ‘Taliban’ with speed, long before any evidence or claim of responsibility?
(c) Is this not settling of sectarian scores in the name of counter terrorism, as mentioned in the ‘Shia Strategy in Iraq and Pakistan’ – to get the agencies do your dirty job?

MQM is a perfect joint working choice for Blackwater/Xe as in Iraq to fan sectarian violence and bring death and destruction in the city like ‘Faluja’ in Iraq because:

(a) it operate like a Mafia
(b) its boss is a compromised foreign national living in London
(c) party is dominated by minority group
(d) its leader is also flirting with London based Qadiyani leadership, both offered full support to each other.
(e) Majority Sunni population did not like this as parliament declared them non Muslim due their views about the finality of Prophecy.
(f) Reaction to his statements on the issue resulted in violence and tension with Sunnis in some parts of Sind and Karachi. That is what was wanted? Altaf Hussain’s action does not make sense as “the MQM was the dream of a few Marxian (mostly Shia) scholars such as Rais Amrohvi, Mohammed Taqi, John Ailia and Shahanshah Hussain to establish an organization that could protect the rights of immigrants”.

Majority of the Iraqi collaborators were/are foreign Nationals and living in US and Europe for years. Some of them were source of those non existent (WMD) weapons of mass destruction which lead to destruction of Iraq. “If one just check phone, fax and email record of MQM International Secretariat in London and its officials one can easily detect the similarities between Iraqi collaborators and MQM”, said a security analyst.

A pseudo liberal confused leadership fit the qualifications to be prefect mercenary group. Some minority members of the group might be double or triple agents? MQM’s South African branch was/is very active in some violent operations in Karachi as some people were reportedly brought in and out to complete the mission for example ‘Nishter Park, when whole leadership of the Sunni Tehreek wiped out’. MQM had the Home Ministry and police under control at that time and claimed explosion was suicide bombing. The surgeon who did postmortems confirmed cause of deaths were bullet wounds and not shrapnel after explosion. So who fired the bullets from long range? Where is the CCTV footage which was allegedly tempered?

Many Pakistani politicians now clearly foresee that Balckwater/Xe want to start sectarian and ethnic war in Pakistan especially in Karachi. Security agencies have better clear their own backyard of rogue elements and keep an eye on their links.

The Government of Pakistani should:
(a) Disarm Karachi city by cancelling and/or suspending the ‘arms licences’,
(b) handover the weapons to the Rangers/Army,
(c) compile DATA on arms holders without delay
(d) multi agency joint operation like that in Swat must start immediately
(e) all the collaborators of Xe/Blackwater must apprehended and put on trial.

This is the last chance for Pakistan, its politicians and armed forces to disarm the city from all criminal elements across the board without discrimination. People of Karachi are ready and fully support it for the future and economy of Pakistan. Pakistan needs Operation SWAT-2 in Karachi.

(Dr Shahid Qureshi is senior analyst with BBC and chief editor of The London Post. He writes on security, terrorism and foreign policy. He also appears as analyst on Al-Jazeera, Press TV, MBC, Kazak TV (Kazakhstan), LBC Radio London. He was also international election observer in Pakistan 2002. He has written a famous book “War on Terror and Siege of Pakistan” published in 2009. He wrote his MA thesis on ‘Political Thought of Imam Khomeini’ and visited Tehran University. He is PhD in ‘Political Psychology’ also studied Law at a British University. He also speaks at Cambridge University)

Views expressed are not of The London Post

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