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“IT and Digitalisation reduced corruption in Public Sector in Kazakhstan” – Sabirbaeyev Daniyar,

(By Dr Shahid Qureshi – Chief Editor)

In an exclusive interview with The London Post, Mr Sabirbaeyev Daniyar, Chief of Anti-Corruption Agency under the President of Kazakhstan said: “The use of information technology and digitalization in the public sector has greatly reduced corruption as consumers are using on line facilities reducing the human contact and decision making for the consumer”.

“In 70% cases public do not have contact with the public sector officials to receive services”, he said.

“These kind of practical measures boost the confidence of the foreign investors coming to Kazakhstan”, said the head of Anti-Corruption Agency based at the President House in Kazakhstan.

“We do not have a plea bargain system in anti-corruption legislation as the corrupt will face heavy fines or go to jail.”

The conviction rate in the court of law is over 80% form the day case is registered against a civil servants.

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