David Cameron rules out reparations for slavery during Jamaica visit


David Cameron has ruled out making reparations for Britain’s role in slavery and urged Caribbean countries to “move on”, during a visit to Jamaica.

The Prime Minister has come under pressure to say sorry and make financial amends but insisted the nations must look to the future and pointed to the UK’s role in wiping slavery off the “face of our planet”.

Jamaican prime minister Portia Simpson Miller raised the controversial question during one-to-one talks with the PM at her official residence in Kingston.

Mr Cameron later acknowledged “these wounds run very deep indeed” but told reporters: “On the issue of slavery, slavery is abhorrent, and as we remember the past we should also remember the extraordinary work that Britain did to wipe slavery off the face of our planet.

“I don’t think reparations are the answer.

“I think now what we should be doing is looking to the future and not least the vital work that we do today getting rid of modern slavery and people being trafficked across our planet.”