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celebration of International women’s day

In celebration of International women’s day, Nour would like to honor four outstanding Muslim women who have worked tirelessly in their respective fields for the betterment of others around them. We find peace in the notion that such selflessness and bravery exists in our communities, with such strong independent women paving the way for others, and becoming the voices of our generation in the process mashAllah.

Nai’ma B Roberts

A published author and magazine publisher, she is well known for founding SISTERS magazinewhere she currently works as Editor-in-Chief. She has been published in the Times, The Observer and The Muslim Weekly, as well as numerous online publications. She began writing when her first child was a toddler, and has already written several award-winning children’s books. Nai’ma has the same ethos as Nour, keeping her subject matter deeply rooted to the Qur’an and Sunnah.

She is an activist, a mother, a community builder, and a great support for her surrounding community amidst many other things Allahumma baarik. This year she has already worked with SISTERS magazine, Discover, which is the magazine for curious Muslim children, ProductiveMuslimahthe Muslimah’s Renaissance, and with Megan Wyatt of Wives of Jannah. This month she will be working closely with Nour and joining us to raise awareness about the issue of domestic violence.

Recently, the Zimbabwean Ministry of Education has selected her award-winning novel Far from Home, as an A-Level text!

But above all praises, Nour would like to emphasize the unwavering, consistent dedication that Nai’ma gives to our organization, and we just want to take the time out to say that we are truly blessed and inexplicably grateful for all of the time she has given us.

Yasmin Mogahed

Motivation, encouragement, self-empowerment; words that have been given a whole new lease of life because of Yasmin Mogahed. Those who have been through severe difficulties find an unmistakable sense of peace when reading her words. By the same token, listening to her speak at her lectures is much like pressing a cold compress on a hot wound. The difference she has made on an international scale is overwhelming, gifted as she is with the ability to touch any individual with her humble, sensitive, helpful words. Reclaim your heart is a book that confronts ones own perspective, and in doing so, puts life into perspective, our difficulties into perspective and our purpose in life into perspective. She has participated previously in our Domestic Violence Awareness Week, by giving a webinar, which was a huge success. You can view this here.

Yasmin is a great supporter of Nour and for those who have endured such difficulty as domestic abuse. She is responsible for distinguishing the difference between sabr and suffering in silence. And for this alone, we cannot thank her enough.


Rahima Begum

Inspirational people do not have to be internationally renowned; we at Nour want to bring you closer to home. Rahima is an amazing sister masha’Allah, who inspired Nour in many ways without even realizing it. She is the Co-Founder and Co-Director of a UK based human rights organization, Restless Beings. Before Nour established itself, we did a lot of ground-work around Restless Beings. We were in awe of the amazing work they did, and used them as a blueprint for what Nour would one day achieve; reaching out to people, empowering people, and bringing tabooed issues to the forefront of conversation. Rahima juggles work with life at Restless Beings and also recently got married masha’Allah! She has a flair for creativity and has established what she has a passion for, so do check out her personal work. The great thing about Rahima is her humbleness and not knowing how she empowers women and the inspirational effect she leaves on people. We wish her the utmost success for her passionate work, for Restless beings and most importantly her newly married life!

Hanan Chehata

Last, but in no way least, Nour presents a strong woman and an example to all. Hanan is an unshakable supporter and activist for human rights. Her campaigning and genuine concern for those who are suffering are what we love her for. Hanan has always been a supporter of Nour and very recently spoke about why this issue is so close to home. Hanan is living proof that an individual can come out stronger from a bad situation, and utilize it to make a positive impact on the lives of others. You can view Hanan’s story here. She shows great humanity when fighting for empowerment and justice. She seeks to makes changes where injustice is seen, and is pro-active in causing that change. Hanan is a powerful combination of both humility and strength, and she uses this balance to extend a helping hand to those whose lives have been wrecked by instabilities. Nothing that you have done will ever be overlooked by Nour, and we thank you, Hanan, for sharing such a private part of yourself, by speaking the unspeakable, so that others can follow your nour and find it in themselves to do the same.

We thank these women for being the change we all want to see in the world.

May Allah increase them in health, wealth and Imaan in both worlds.

We pray you keep Nour in your humble, sincere prayers.

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