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Brother of British Pakistani actvist Habib Jan shot dead in Karachi

(London Post ) Mujahid Jan brother of Habib Jan a British Pakistani political activist based in London is gunned down in Karachi Pakistan on Saturday evening 16th May 2015. Both survived a grandee attack four years ago in Liyari area of Karachi. Mr Habib Jan is active in Karachi politics and was critical of policies of both Asif Zardari (PPP) and Altaf Hussain (MQM-A).

This is not the first time when relatives of British political activists killed in Karachi because streets of London are too difficult for them reach but it is not impossible. Dr Imran Farooq was murdered on the streets of London few years ago which according to many Pakistanis: “whole world knows who did it but British Government and Scotland Yard don’t”.

In October 2011 young Pakistani journalist Faisal Qureshi of The London Post was murdered in Lahore terrorists. So much so that these terrorists continue threaten British Pakistani journalist Shahid Qureshi and his family in United Kingdom. The matter was reported to the Scotland Yard via a member of British parliamentarian.

A senior Pakistani journalist said: “as so called secular elements are involved in this terrorism and murder if it was religious group British authorities might have acted differently and full force of law might have applied”.

Those Pakistani politicians who have used British soil for political asylum do not allow any one criticize them while they are in power in Pakistan. They can steal and plunder Pakistan buy villas in London and get away with murder.

Express Tribune reported: “Just weeks after a Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) MPA’s brother was killed in an attack in Lyari, Mujahid Jan, the brother of another senior PPP member from Lyari was shot dead in the area on Saturday evening.

Jan was the brother of Habib Jan, the chairman of the Friends of Lyari group. Habib is a senior member of the PPP in Lyari and played a vital role in the now defunct Peoples Amn Committee.

Mujahjid was shot once in the head by armed assailants and died on the spot. His body has been shifted to Civil Hospital. Following the attack, large contingent of law enforcers reached the spot and cordoned off the area.

Habib, a close aide of Lyari gangster Uzair Baloch, is currently in Europe after Baba Ladla split with Uzair. A few months before Uzair’s arrest, the gangster had fled Pakistan and sought refuge with Habib in Europe.
Earlier in May, PPP MPA Javed Nagori had escaped an assassination attempt in Lyari. While Nagori received minor injuries in a subsequent crash, his brother could not survive the attack”.

In his statement Habib Jan said: ‘though Brave don’t live longer but Cowards don’t live at all’.


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