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British soil used for anti – Pakistan activities?

By Dr Shahid Qureshi : –

I have no doubt in my mind that anti Pakistan elements have been given free hand for Pakistan bashing in the United Kingdom. A respectable think tank like Foreign Policy Centre is holding second event on Baluchistan in less than six months?. The panel is again biased and consist of bunch of anti Pakistan elements. It is not a rocket science to see US, UK and India’s anti – Pakistan agenda. These so-called Baluch leaders do not represent .0001% of people. These are titled loyalists of British Raj.

Betrayal by friends is not a new word in the history of Pakistan. Since its inception different sinister plans and plot have been hatched against it. Now it’s high time to move on and see things objectively and clearly. Pakistan must be aware of the very small minority whose interests are tied outside its borders.

Britain has become a heaven for criminals and corrupt leaders and politicians mainly from former colonies. Leaders of three main Pakistani political parties are partly or fully living in London. Some of them are wanted in Pakistan for financial corruptions, murders and arsons. While speaking at International Institute of Strategic Studies in London, President Musharaf quite rightly demanded the return of the loot money of

poor countries deposited in the European banks and financial institutions by corrupt politicians and officials.

On 20th November 2006, I told Tizpi Livni Vice Prime Minister/ Foreign Minister of Israel at International Institute of Strategic Studies that, ‘the occupation is the real cause of violence. The phenomena of suicide bombings never existed in Iraq and Afghanistan, now we have seen more than 120 in Occupied areas 700 in Iraq and dozens in Afghanistan. Both suicide bombing and occupation are not moral issues and have nothing to do with religion. Obviously no body want to be occupied including people in Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine and Kashmir.

Imagine Pakistan told its 90,000 security forces to turn a blind eye on the Pak-Afghan border. What will happen to the British and allied troops? Northern Alliance’s drug production activities increased 1400% since 2001 invasion according to drug scope. That drug is coming in the streets of London via Central Asia.

A senior Foreign and commonwealth office official told the press few months ago, “that British injured soldiers are being treated in Karachi and ships load of military equipment had been transported into Helmand and Kandhar through Pakistani ports.

India with its economic and strategic partners in Middle East, West and US never stopped conspiring against Pakistan no matter how many positive gestures Pakistan showed. India ,US and its allies support almost all the ethnic parties in Pakistan including MQM, Sindhi Movements and Baluchis separatists. These parties are provided intellectual and academic support by holding seminars, workshops and conferences.

The Foreign Policy Centre in London is providing a similar type of platform second time on 4th December 2006 in less than six months. The last one was on 27th June 2006, where all the one man anti Pakistani parties gathered with their wishful sinister ideas and claims. There focus was Pakistan Army, the joining and defending force. They keep on referring it to be a Punjabi Army. My response to them in the discussion was robust backed with the historical fact that shut them up including Sanaullah Bluch and Mehran Baluch:

“Half of the Royal British Army was from only four districts of the Punjab which continued initially after the partition. You are in the right place to make your complaint because it was British who were responsible for it. I have not seen so many angry and anti Pakistan people under one roof.

“You are responsible directly or indirectly for the killings of around 400 innocent Pakistanis, injuring more than 750 and more than 1500 bombings. You are behaving like Chuilabis and Iraqi exiles who provided wrong and false information to the US and West, which got them into deep trouble in Iraq. That also led them (US&UK) to commit gross violation of human rights.”

“You are singing creation of ‘Greater Baluchistan’ from US and Indian hymn sheet and that will destabilise the whole region gravely. Any such plan will create problems in Pakistan, Iran and Afghanistan. USA and its allies are already in great trouble in Iraq and Afghanistan. Your actions will cause more deaths and violations of human rights”.

I also told Senator Sanaullah Baluch and Mehran on 27th June 2006 that, “you would not get anything out of it like Chelabi in Iraq. Senator Sanaullah said that, ‘Baluch youngsters would soon be flying Rs 3 Crores helicopters and dropping bombs on Pakistani cities. I told him, ‘it’s a stupid and absurd idea’.

I told the speakers like Frederic Grare, of Carnegie Endowment for International peace, Senator Sana Baloch from Baluchistan; Lakhu Lohana, Mr Dashiti and Mr. Mehran Baloch they were all singing from the same hymn sheet, ‘anti Pakistan, anti Pakistan Army and interestingly Anti China too’.

A large number of Pakistanis also attended the meeting and made their points heard very well. I wrote to the chair Hugh Barns Director of democracy and conflicts in FPC about the credibility of these so-called experts and representatives of Sindhis and Baluchis.

“In the beginning of 2006, a coach full of Baluchis and Sindhi people arranged a demonstration outside No 10. I covered the event, which was attended by 40 people. They send me a press release saying, ‘thousands attended from UK and Europe ’. I send the email to the London Police to confirm the numbers and what arrangements were made for the parking of busses and cars?”

Now it is up to the policy makers in Pakistan how they want to handle this issue. A robust and calculated response is needed. There is no harm in de-classifying information to the media about these nawabs and sardars and their financial dealings with the government that will shut the supporters up for time being at least. British Pakistani and Kashmiri community should write to Prime Minister Tony Blair, patron of FPC to hold a similar conference on Kashmir, Asam an on around 14 other separatist movements going on in India.

Dr Shahid Qureshi is London based senior investigative journalist and writer on international terrorism, security and foreign policy)

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