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British soil misused and national interest compromised ?

By Dr Shahid Qureshi

Many analysts believes that foreign elements are using British soil, institutions and people to play dirty tricks, espionage and export terrorism, fan sectarianism in third countries friendly to Britain. That is abuse of British vales, traditions, free society, freedom of movement and speech. Literally Britain has become a battle ground of foreign countries.

One analyst said, ‘the way Indians and Israelis are given free hand to do whatever they want against Pakistan and Palestinians is extra ordinary. Well it seems like Israel is a special case which India is exploiting both in Britain and US. One senior defence analyst said, ‘what Indians cannot do themselves they use British resources against Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka etc.’ He further said, ‘there are reports that British think tanks, educational institutions and scholars are being used for poisonous and vicious campaigns against Pakistan, that is clearly a move to spoil the friendly relations between the two countries.

One senior journalist said to me in a central London’s prestigious think tank, ‘do you know that this place is trying to disintegrate Pakistan? ‘Well you never know but that place did have a gentleman from India who reportedly misses no chance in doing his duty to fire his ‘intellectual missiles’ against Pakistan starting from arranging anti Pakistan seminars to deleting the names of vocal Pakistani analysts from the lists, a Washington based defence analyst told me.

A senior British media analyst of Kashmiri origin said, “there is a perception and impression that India want to isolate, demonise Pakistan and is using British soil and institutions. The latest example is the establishing of a ‘Pakistan Security Research Unit (PSRU)’ at the University of Bradford in March 2007. Thousands of Kashmiris live in Bradford. This unit is Pakistan specific which clearly smell rotten. Foreign and Commonwealth Office should not fund this unit with the British tax payer’s money if at all they are funding and we will this matter with the government”.

There are reports that Indians have been feeding misleading and false information to the British Security Services regarding a Pakistani cleric Shafqur Rehman, ‘that how his support to a charitable organisation based in Lahore resulting in terrorism in Indian held Kashmir’. He was the same cleric from Oldham whom MI5 allegedly tried to recruit as reported in the press. Well cleric won the case in the end; Indians obviously had feel days for over two years by pumping newspaper cuttings to security services but Home Office lost in the end.

Another analyst said, ‘Britain is a party to the Kashmir dispute which is longest dispute in the UN’s history and should pressurise India to withdraw its 900,000 troops from the occupied Kashmir and stop violating human rights of Kashmiri people’.

“All India Catholic Union published figures that report a new increase in attacks, with many more going unreported. There were 190 recorded attacks on Christians in the country this year (up until 16 November 2007) an average of four a week. There were 178 recorded incidents in 2006 and 165 in 2005. The national president of the All India Catholic Union, Dr John Dayal, said that he was aware of other cases, but these had not been officially reported because of fear of reprisals, particularly in the Madhya Pradesh and Orissa regions. He said that, in general, the secular people of India were tolerant of Christians, but those in authority particularly those in certain political parties were not”, reported Rachel Harden in an article ‘Persecution of Christians in India ‘increases’ in Church Times, Issue 7550 – 23 November 2007.

A research should be done on the racist Indian state currently run by a tiny minority of Brahmins, who are treating millions of Dalits (low cast Hindus) second class, Muslims and Christians third class. According to a Channel 4 documentary ‘Broken People’, Dalits have no choice but to clean human excrements of high class Hindus and eat rats because of poverty.

As far as economic interests of Britain are concerned between 1995 – 1998 British trade balance with the Arab countries was US $ 116532 million. It was US $ 23285 million in 1995 and by 1998 it grown to US $ 42205 million. Keeping in view the above economic interests of both the US and UK no one in the right state of mind would like to deliberately  jeopardize the life styles of its people. Continuous rise in the oil prices is making direct impact on the people of the both countries and the world.

Thousands of British citizens are working and living in Middle East and bringing tax-free foreign exchange. Policy makers should keep British economic and security interests in mind all the times and we are sure they do. It may be the politicians and others who ignore public opinion, interests and international law.

British security services should keep an eye on the activities of all those elements who were/are harming Britain’s national and economic interests with entire Muslim World. It would be interesting to check arrival and departure of UK visitors from Middle East before and after 7/7 London bombings of 2005 and other terrorist incidents up to now. Just to see who was in town and why?

(Dr Shahid Qureshi is senior award wining investigative journalist and writer on security, foreign policy, and terrorism based in London)

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