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British scholars believe special British-U.S.relationship to continue

by Larry Neild, Gui Tao

LONDON,  (Xinhua) — British scholars said they believed that the special British-U.S. relationship will continue.

Dr. Tom Davies is a lecturer in American history at the University of Sussex in England. The university has an internationally-renowned faculty devoted to the history of American politics and culture.

In an interview with Xinhua, Davies said he believes the special British-U.S. relationship will continue, and there are many reasons why it will survive The Trump years.

“For many reasons, such as social and cultural, I think it will continue just as it has done for most of the 21st century,” he said.

His comments came one day after U.S. President-elect Donald Trump invited British Prime Minister Theresa May to visit his country “as soon as possible” as they held their first talks by telephone two days after he was elected.

Both of them reaffirmed that the two countries have a special relationship.

A Downing Street spokesman said Trump had said he was confident that the special relationship would “go from strength to strength.”

Davies believed that its continuation will be even more important for Britain, regardless of the outcome of it leaving the European Union.

“The relationship has fluctuated and under Trump it may shift and be better for Britain,” he said.

But Davies said that it is impossible to say what will happened over the next few years with Trump in charge. ” We could get some indication in two years when the mid-term elections are held in America.”

Dr. Tom Packer with the Rothermere American Institute at Oxford University, also believed the U.
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S.-British relationship is massively important.

“It exists at different levels, particularly in intelligence and military matters and culture,” Packer told Xinhua.

“As Britain transforms its position in the world, and changes its trading position, the relationship with the US is particularly important,” he said.

Theresa May’s message to Trump on his success and a willingness by America to do a trade deal with Britain in its post-Brexit era, means the special relationship between the two is likely to continue, according to him.


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