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British public not interested in fighting America’s wars – former London mayor Livingstone

Former mayor of London Ken Livingstone believes that since as far back as the First World War, the United States, with Britain’s help, has intervened on numerous occasions all over the Middle East just to control the flow of oil.

If you follow Middle East history since this period, then the West has propped up corrupt regimes and overthrown democratically elected ones, Ken Livingstone told RT.

All the main newspapers and media outlets in Britain are owned by a few billionaires and are signed up to the Anglo-American alliance and give unwavering support to America’s interests despite the loss of “thousands of British lives,” says Livingstone.

And the media monopoly is against a background of decreasing numbers of MPs, such as Tony Benn and Ken himself, who will pull parliament up and question “the kind of dodgy things we’ve been involved in.”

Mr Livingstone goes further and suggests that mainstream British politicians, such as David Cameron and Tony Blair, are rewarded when they retire with lucrative positions on the boardrooms of US corporations, and he says, “If you challenge America’s interests you might be subject to a smear campaign, possibly even a nasty accident.”

Livingstone says one of the reasons he supports Labour leader Edward Miliband is because he is a leader who is prepared to stand up to the Tories on foreign wars, as was proven when his stance was instrumental in Cameron’s parliamentary defeat on British involvement in Syria.

“I think if you see a British prime minster standing up to represent Britain’s interests not just be a cheerleader for the United States – there will be huge support for that,” he said.

But the government is safe, and as long as they maintain a majority in the House of Commons and can ignore the views of the British people, which are overwhelmingly against involvement in America’s wars. In fact, says the ex-mayor, the “lefty campaigns” against foreign wars “engage a small layer of the public” and people are far more concerned with domestic issues such as education, tax and the NHS.

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