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British Lord asks Muslim countries to trade for peace & prosperity


(Tehran) Lord Ahmed said that peace and prosperity could be achieved through Trade and business between Muslim Countries. He was speaking at the opening session of the first International Muslim Business Forum in Kish Island , Iran.

He said that according to a new research there is a potential of four trillion dollar trade with in the OIC Countries ($4 trillion ) and just Halal products such as halal meat, cosmetics and cloths ( Hijab , chadour) has a $100 billion market.
Lord Ahmed said that the Quran sets out rules of fair trading and ethics from Sura Al Baqra to Sura Al- Qureish . ” We know that the prophet peace be upon him worked for Syeda Kadija , who was a business woman” and he traded from Syria to the Arabian peninsula ” he said

” We know that Islam was spread in the Far East by Muslim Traders” and he said ” Europe has been at peace first time in history since the Common Market” even though there are tensions in Ukraine, no one can imagine that there would be a war due to our inter- linked economies.

Lord Ahmed said that an announcement of business and trade between Saudi Arabia and Iran would send a clear message to the Sunni and Shia communities in Pakistan, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon , Bahrain and Yemen . He said that an Islamic Common Market could easily be started between Economic Free Zones in Iran, Pakistan, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Malaysia which could open a way for all the OIC countries.

Lord Nazir Ahmed said that no one could deny the importance of Saudi Arabia and Iran in the Muslim World

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