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British Court acquitted Lord Ahmed of all sexual assault charges

(London Media Report) – Former British Lord Nazir Ahmed has been honorably acquitted by the court of sexual assault charges after the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) failed to provide evidence to substantiate the allegations.

Crown Court British Judge Jeremy Richardson, while giving his ruling, remarked that the ‘Crown Prosecution Service sabotaged the case and that the 50-year-old allegations jeopardized the lives of three people’.

The judge said that: ‘Lord Nazir Ahmed and his brothers were charged with sexual assault that allegedly happened 50 years ago’. He said the prosecution’s case was not strong enough.

Out side the court  after being acquitted of the charges, Lord Nazir Ahmed, while talking to media, said that: ‘he had always faced conspiracies but this one in particular was very painful’. All the allegations were made to defame him, which was also confirmed by the judge, he added.

Lord Nazir Ahmed said that: ‘time would tell if India or someone else was behind this conspiracy’.

“I have been acquitted by the court of law, now I will return to fight for Kashmir,” Lord Ahmed said.

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