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Both the famous and members of the public were victims of phone hacking

Victims of phone hacking included celebrities, politicians, sports personalities and ordinary members of the public who, through their personal connections, were unlucky enough to come to the attention of the News Of The World.

There were two main hacking operations at the paper – the first centred around private investigator Glenn Mulcaire, who was given an annual retainer in September 2001.

Then, in 2005, Dan Evans was poached from the Sunday Mirror to start up a second hacking operation.

Here are some of the main hacking victims:

Milly Dowler:

:: Chief reporter Neville Thurlbeck tasked Mulcaire to hack the mobile of the missing 13-year-old schoolgirl in spring 2002. A message left by a recruitment agency suggested Milly may be alive in Telford and NotW dispatched reporters to investigate the false lead before Stuart Kuttner told Surrey Police about the message. The public was outraged when the hacking was exposed by the Guardian in July 2011 and the revelation contributed to the downfall of the tabloid newspaper.



:: Former England manager Sven-Goran Eriksson, who had an affair with FA employee Faria Alam, was hacked by Mulcaire between January and June 2006.

:: Delia Smith was not of interest to the NotW for her cooking skills but came to the attention of Mulcaire as a majority shareholder in Norwich City Football Club. In February 2005, she made a speech to the crowd which led to speculation in the media that she was drunk.

:: The only thing Laura Rooney shared with professional footballer Wayne Rooney was her surname. Despite never even meeting the England star, the beauty consultant from Windsor in Berkshire was hacked by Mulcaire in early 2006.

:: The NotW investigated a false allegation that Gordon Taylor, the chief executive of the Professional Footballers’ Association, was having an affair with PFA lawyer Joanne Armstrong. Mulcaire recorded 76 voicemails from Mr Taylor’s phone. He made 13 calls to his mobile and Orange answerphone between February and May 2006. The hacker also called Ms Armstrong’s answerphone in April 2006.

:: Eimear Cook, the ex-wife of the golfer Colin Montgomerie, was targeted by Mulcaire in 2004, the year she filed for divorce.


:: TV presenter Abi Titmuss, who became famous as the girlfriend of John Leslie, was hacked 19 times by Mulcaire between January 17 and July 20 2006.

:: Jade Schmidt, the former nanny of Sadie Frost and Jude Law’s children, identified 11 messages which were seized by police from Mulcaire’s home in 2006.

:: Law’s then girlfriend Sienna Miller and her childhood friend Archie Keswick were also targeted.

:: Stuntwoman Eunice Huthart was hacked four times in February and March 2006. She was friends with Angelina Jolie and in 2005 worked on the film Mr And Mrs Smith when the actress began her relationship with Brad Pitt.

:: Sir Paul McCartney was targeted indirectly around the time he separated from his second wife Heather Mills in May 2006. Ms Mills’s sister Fiona, Sir Paul’s publicist Alan Edwards and his personal assistant Stuart Bell were all hacked.

:: Kerry Katona came to prominence as a member of girl band Atomic Kitten and her 2004 split from Westlife singer Brian McFadden. Taped messages seized from Mulcaire’s home were identified by a number of her friends.

:: Bond star Daniel Craig was among those hacked by Evans, according to the ex-NotW reporter. Evans told the trial: “I was routinely hacking Daniel Craig’s phone from my Sunday Mirror days.”


:: Kate Moss was hacked by Evans during his days at the Sunday Mirror, he said. Craig once left her a message saying: “I love you, I love you, I love you,” the reporter recalled. The supermodel also appeared on voicemail recordings made by Mulcaire.

:: Designer Kelly Hoppen was close to Sienna Miller and was for many years her stepmother. Evans got caught hacking her phone in 2009 when he used his own NotW issue handset. When she sued, he initially blamed “sticky keys” for misdialling but in the hacking trial admitted that was “cobblers”.

:: NotW editor Rebekah Brooks was told by police that her own phone had been hacked after Clive Goodman and Mulcaire were arrested. She met investigators in autumn 2006 as a potential victim. Andy Coulson was also hacked along with other NotW staff.

:: The names of celebrities including Amanda Holden, Charlotte Church and Will Young were also found circled in notes taken from Mulcaire.

:: Calum Best may have been a target although there is no evidence that the son of footballer George Best was successfully hacked by Mulcaire. An email from Coulson to “do his phone” was claimed to be a direct order, but that was disputed by his defence team. Mulcaire made two calls to Best’s phone in March 2006.

:: Max Clifford and model Elle MacPherson were among the celebrities Mulcaire originally pleaded guilty to hacking in 2006.


:: Politician and author Lord Archer was targeted indirectly through his friendship with gallery worker Edwina Freeman. She was hacked by Mulcaire and recorded voicemails from 2004 were recovered from NotW journalist Thurlbeck’s desk.

:: Ukip leader Nigel Farage and Liga Howells were both hacked by Mulcaire in January 2006. A story about their alleged affair in Brussels appeared in the NotW in April 2006.


:: Former Fire Brigades Union boss Andrew Gilchrist, who was said to have had a short affair with firefighter Tracey Holland in 1998, was hacked by Mulcaire. Mr Gilchrist became a controversial figure in 2002 after the union voted for industrial action over pay and conditions. No story resulted from the hacking which happened under Rebekah Brooks’s editorship, the court heard.

:: Labour home secretary David Blunkett’s affair with married Spectator publisher Kimberly Quinn came to light through Mulcaire’s hacking in 2004. Coulson said it was the only time he knew about hacking at the NotW until Goodman’s arrest in 2006. Tapes of messages were later found in a safe at the NotW.

:: As well as exposing Mr Blunkett’s love affair, a second article on December 19 2004 entitled She’s A Serial Cheat by Thurlbeck detailed Ms Quinn’s affair with journalist Simon Hoggart. Details came from messages left for Ms Quinn.

:: Mr Blunkett’s friend Sally Anderson was also hacked by Mulcaire between November 2005 and June 2006. Some of the messages on her phone were from the MP.

:: Mr Blunkett’s successor, Charles Clarke, later became the focus of attention. In an attempt to stand up a false rumour he was having an affair with his diary secretary Hannah Pawlby, her phone was hacked by Mulcaire.

:: Liberal Democrat Mark Oaten was hacked around the time he was forced to stand down from the leadership contest in 2006 following allegations over his private life.

:: Tessa Jowell was hacked by Mulcaire 29 times in 2006 as her husband David Mills was facing an investigation by the Italian authorities.

:: Lord Prescott’s relationship with his diary secretary Tracey Temple led to a flurry of hacking by Mulcaire in 2006. Ms Temple’s phone was hacked three times in April and June. The then deputy prime minister’s chief of staff Joan Hammell was hacked five time by Mulcaire. There was also a call to her number from a NotW extension in May 2006.

Rival Mail on Sunday journalists Sebastian Hamilton and Dennis Rice were working on the same story. Their phones were also hacked on a number of occasions by Mulcaire and the NotW number. And Lord Prescott’s press adviser Alan Schofield was hacked three times.



:: Kate Middleton – who became the Duchess of Cambridge – was hacked 155 times, including on Christmas Day and Valentine’s Day. She was first hacked on December 21 2005.

:: Prince William was targeted 35 times and Prince Harry nine times, the court was told. Former royal editor Goodman admitted being involved in the hacking. He said Mulcaire was showing off when he got into their voicemails.

:: Lord Frederick Windsor, the son of Prince and Princess Michael of Kent, identified eight of his messages from society friends including Lily Balfour and Ben Goldsmith after recordings were seized from Mulcaire.

:: Helen Asprey is the personal private secretary to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry. Mulcaire made around 48 telephone calls to her mobile telephone while Goodman made approximately 83 telephone calls.

:: Paddy Harverson was communications secretary for the Prince of Wales between February 2004 and November 2012. Records show Mulcaire made a large number of calls to his mobile in 2005 and 2006.

:: Mark Dyer is the former royal equerry to the Prince of Wales. After the death of Diana, Princess of Wales he supported Princes William and Harry from 1998 to 2006. Both Mulcaire and Goodman hacked into his voicemails.

:: Jamie Lowther-Pinkerton, Private Secretary to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry, was hacked repeatedly by Mulcaire.

:: Tom Parker-Bowles is the son of the Duchess of Cornwall from her first marriage. Phone records indicated he was hacked both by Mulcaire and from the NotW number.

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