Blind following of a scholar has replaced all ration or reason

I realize how vital it is, that Muslim countries adopt Democracy, and introduce science, the languages, Math’s and the arts into all Islamic teaching Institutions. Academic qualifications and experience in a profession outside theological institutions must be demanded of religious leaders.

A complete overhaul of our religious education is needed – nothing short of a total reformation. Any Muslim leader who cannot master three languages, does not have a master’s degree or higher and has not had a job in industry, and has not spent ten years or more helping the Muslim community in various projects should be banned from speaking as a teacher of Islam.

I have come to the conclusion that most religious leaders are too backward, too fractured, too bigoted and unwilling to reform to rule a state without utterly ruining the lives of the people within it. Soon sectarian wars would engulf the country, and women would be denied their rights, and sincere men turned from rational beings into small minded religious thugs – believing they were fighting to uphold Islam by taking the rights of another. The people would see Islam no longer as the light that freed them, instead a a tool of oppression, and begin to hate it.

The defense of backward scholars who deny women’s rights by religious minded Muslims over the last few days has proven to me, that the system of religious education is corrupt to the core, and destroys the ability of the average Muslim to think. Blind following of a scholar has replaced all ration or reason.

How else can I explain to myself that religious men demand Muslim women wear the hijab, but those same men do nothing when they are denied their rights both in society that demonizes them, but also when it is denied within the House of God (the mosque) where they are not even allowed all to often to prostrate to their Lord.

Our religious leaders too often drag us toward the dark ages, backed by sloganeering, quoting youth who having been taught no longer to think or reflect but to rely on instructions from the ‘people of knowledge’ and fervor alone. I am loathed to say it, but a time of confusion is upon us, and we do not have the men or women of foresight to lead us through it safely.

The most passionate Muslim today is taught to believe the most and think the least.