NEW DELHI:The BJP is advertising in Pakistan’s leading newspaper, Dawn, asking the people to donate to the “Modi for PM Fund”.

BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi who never misses an opportunity to attack Pakistan is now on a regular advertisement declaring, interestingly in Hindi, in a country that knows Urdu “Bharat ke Ujwal Bhavishye ke Liye Yogdaan De”. (Donate for the bright future of India). And under this are two lines in Englist stating Donate Now, Modi for PM Fund,

The photograph in the advertisement shows a laughing Modi embracing BJP president Rajnath Singh though the advertisement does not say who is who. And of course there is the Lotus in full bloom at the corner of the advertisement.

Dawn has been carrying the advertisement on a daily basis. Two immediate points are noticeable, one that the main text is in Hindi, a language not known to Pakistanis. And two, the dot in the Hindi text is missing, thereby reading “yogdaan de” rather than the politer “yogdaan den.”

Perhaps at the end of the campaign the BJP would like to edify the voters at home as to how much money it received from Pakistan for Modi’s election campaign.