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Bilawal Zaradri-Bhutto establish ‘Buffalo Shelter’ in a boys School of Dado City in Sind?

(Pakistan, Dado District, Sind): In a rare footage shared in the media suggesting that a high school built in Dado district of Sind is being used as a Buffalo Shelter. It is reported that Chief Minister Sind is also belong to this city in the interior Sind.

See Video below. 

The school is located in the Ghraeebabad area in the Dado city and is home for the hundreds of cattle. It seems that Bilawal Bhutto Zardari is going to say to the authorities I am living on these Buffaloes milk income as former Chief Minister Punjab and leader of the opposition Shabaz Sharif claimed to an investigation by NAB (National Accountability Bureau), ‘he was living on the income of 10 buffaloes milk selling business’. His milk income is reported in millions of Rupees.

Sind Government earlier reported to have over 80 ghost workers as well as thousands of Ghost schools in the province. Education is under the Sind provincial government control under the hastily passed 18th Amendment.

PPP chairman Aisf Zradari former President of Pakistan inherited the whole PPP of his wife slain Benazir Bhutto with a ‘Will’. His rule from 2008 – 2013 proven to be the most corrupt and disastrous for the country from damaging the country’s Railways, Police, education, health, and defence resulting in over 30,000 deaths in Sind with his love affair with terrorist MQM-Altaf. The damage to the economy and infrastructure is in trillions.

Bilawal Zardari Bhutto has been reportedly using fake bank accounts for shopping and living according to the evidence presented to the courts. Ayan Ali aka ‘dollar girl’ was also using same fake bank account for her air tickets and shopping. Ayan Ali was arrested by customs for smuggling USD 15 million at the Islamabad airport. Somehow model Ayan Ali’s lawyers, Farooq Naik former PPP law minster and Latif Khosa former Attorney General and Governor Punjab got her bail and she is living in Dubai.

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