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Beware deceptive Persian Hitlerism

As the six countries led by the United States of America scurry to contain Iran through diplomacy during the final stages of Iran’s obscure nuclear program pact, Tehran continues to toughen its stance as if it is the one calling the shots.

Iran (of 2015) is behaving like the Adolf Hitler of 1938. The Munich Agreement hurled the world into the furnace of the World War II and when the then British MP Winston Churchill discovered the truth he opposed the agreement before the House of Commons.

In his speech, Sir Winston Churchill said, ‘All these calamities fell upon us because of evil counsel, because tribute was not offered to them at the right time nor yet were they resisted; but when they (Nazis) had done the most evil, then was peace made with them’.

At the height of the meeting — the US Foreign Secretary John Kerry who met his Iranian counterpart Muhammad Jawad Zharif for six hours — left in despair empty-handed on the background of the Iranian refusal to throw open its military facilities for inspection. I dare ask again if these global powers realize the core of Iran’s delay.

Long ago, we had stated that the Western fear, especially the US of Iran is just an illusion. The exaggeration of Iran’s nuclear program is just for show to blackmail the world. The evidence of this fact is whenever the issue of inspecting Iran’s nuclear facilities surface, Iran raises the ceiling of its conditions, and every time, the West or the ‘Five plus One’ nations yield to these conditions.

It is worth mentioning that the issue of Iran’s nuclear capability or military supremacy or its ability to go nuclear is the same recurring boring speech that Saddam Hussein adopted about weapons of mass destruction.

Even if Iran manages to possess those weapons, it will never be in a better position than North Korea, which keeps harping on the old tune boasting about its weapons of mass destruction while 95 percent of North Koreans go hungry. That is to say, Pyongyang has operated under the formula of hunger and oppression in return for nuclear weapons.

Every day the world hears loud voices from North Korea threatening to destroy the US and other countries and every day the North Koreans continue to suffer from hunger and poverty that has reached the bottom level. Thanks to Pyongyang’s sick demented leadership which exterminates its officials with anti-aircraft missiles for falling asleep during a ceremony attended by their leader.

The same applies to Iran, but the difference between Pyongyang and Tehran is, the latter banks on a creedal ethnical expansionism scheme which Iran has been marketing for the past 36 years not only through the formation of militia gangs in some Arab countries but even by sending Revolutionary Guards to fight in Syria, Iraq and Yemen.

Therefore, Iran’s refusal and its persistence to raise the ceiling of conditions denote only one thing — to pull wool over the eyes of the world and see the sanctions being lifted to allow the flood of money — believed to be $140 billion — gushing into Iran.

If this happens, the six countries will have made the same mistake which was made by Britain, France and Italy in 1938. The only difference today will be the fact that, the place from where Iran could have flexed its muscles is shut down by the Operation Decisive Storm.

Hence, the question is: ‘Which Arab country will take after Austria or Poland, from where the Persian Hitler will kick off his expansionism scheme from under the noses of the international community which bets on containing the Iranian evil through diplomacy?’

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

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