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Benazir Bhutto: “We made a mistake in supporting (creating) Taliban”

By Dr Shahid Qureshi :-

“However, Benazir admitted “We made a mistake in supporting (creating) Taliban”, at London School of Economics while talking about ‘Current Political Situation in Pakistan; on Tuesday 24 April 2007. Her interior minister Naseerullah Babar used to call ‘Taliban’ my boys.”

My heart bleeds to see the death and destruction in Karachi and tribal areas of Pakistan. The arrogance and ignorance of Benazir Bhutto has caused death to more than 139 plus innocent people and 550 injured. She was warned loud and clear. No matter how high and sophisticated security one has cannot guarantee safety. Benzair’s home coming with one suitcase was infact a US sponsored show. She would have been better of coming to Pakistan without a deal and clutches of US but the more than $2 billion is a lot of money. Should Benzair Bhutto compensate the dead and injured from her looted wealth.?

So-called liberal and liberated feudal minded and chairperson for life Benazir Bhutto is trying to be third time lucky with the help of some of her influential friends in Washington and London. The ground realities have changed in Pakistan. Everyone knows that her comments about AQ Khan and invitation to the US to operate in Pakistan haven’t gone down very well. She has rattled too many cages.

PPP’s Murtaza Bhutto Group has grievances against Benazir. Many members of Al-zuliqar headed by Murtaza Bhutto received sophisticated, bomb making terrorist training. They high jacked PIA airliner killed one passenger, on the orders of Murtaza Bhutto and made Zia military government release PPP prisoners. Al-Zulifqar was reportedly involved in firing rocket launchers at Presidential aircraft. Critics say there is a possibility that former members of Al-Zulifqar might be behind this horrendous terrorist inhuman bombings? One cannot be sure until investigation is completed.

Ghunva Bhutto and Fatima Bhutto recently took possession of the assets of Bhutto Estate according to news reports few weeks ago. Murtaza Bhutto’s daughter Fatima Bhutto has questioned her about the murder of her father while Benzair was prime minister.

Fatima Bhutto wrote in a national newspaper, “Masood Sharif was the director-general of the Intelligence Bureau, which reported directly to the office of the prime minister. In Pakistan, ‘police intelligence’ and ‘law and order’ are uniquely ironic oxymoron. Mr Sharif, once he was honorably absolved of any guilt by the police department in an internal review, retired from his post. He was not promoted as such, but Mr Sharif was absolutely rewarded. He was given a position on the Central Committee of Benazir Zardari’s PPP. Only the chairperson of the party, in this case Mrs Zardari, can induct people into the hallowed and honorable Central Committee.”

Fatima Bhutto accused Asif Zardari for murder of her father Murtaza Bhutto. She wrote, “Curiosity impels people to ask about the not-so hidden hand, the highest level of government, so I will answer. Asif Zardari, lifelong senator and current PPP poster boy, now lives in New York City in the Trump Towers apartment complex on Fifth Avenue with his dog Maximillian. In a somewhat magical move, he has been given a position on the board of the Oxonian Society, Oxford University’s networking organization. The president of the Oxonian society, a gentleman named Joe Pascal (joe@oxoniansociety.com), introduced Mr Zardari, who joins CEOs, captains of industry, and Rhodes scholars, as a ‘Pakistani political prisoner’.

Someone ought to write to Mr Pascal (joe@oxoniansociety.com) and tell him that murder cases, narcotics cases, and corruption cases worth billions of dollars do not make a Nelson Mandela. I know I will (joe@oxoniansociety.com). Mrs Zardari resides between London and Dubai. She plans to return to Pakistan in one month’s time and be hailed as your next prime minister and Gen Musharraf’s new best friend. Mrs. Zardari is currently being tried in a Swiss court for corruption. There is also a case in Spain’s courts against her for corruption – the evidence was unearthed after the Spanish police were following paper trails after the 2004 Madrid bombings and came across some suspicious looking accounts belonging to Mrs Zardari. Mrs Zardari has numerous corruption cases lodged against her in her own country. There have been allegations that she and her partner stole $1.5 to 2 billion from the Pakistani treasury. She’s on her way back for round three.”

BB has learnt the trick of selling herself as a better choice to Zionist – Qadyani circles. She knows that how Moeen Qureshi become Prime Minister of Pakistan with the recommendation by MM Ahmad, grandson of Mirza Qadyani to then army chief, General Abdul­ Waheed Kakar.

Benazir was the first Pakistani prime minister to grant an interview to the Israeli daily Ma’riv, and also went missing for over three and a half hours between the JF Kennedy airport and Plaza Hotel in New York in order, allegedly, to meet Yitzhak Rabin the Israeli Prime Minister. More significantly she had also allowed her foreign minister, Asif Ahmad Ali, to engage in ‘quiet diplomacy’ with the Israel.

Last time Israelis snubbed her for not doing the job. She wanted to visit Yasir Arafat in Gaza on 4 September 1994. The Pakistani ambassador and his staff going to Gaza Strip to prepare for the visit were asked to `clarify whether Pakistan recognizes Israel and whether the Pakistanis’ passports may be stamped’; failing to get a satisfactory answer, from their point of view, Israeli officials `respectfully sent [them] back to Cairo’. The Palestinian National Authority (PNA) has no independent entry point to the territories it is supposed to administer.

Israeli Prime Minister Yazhak Rabin said: “Any country that wants to come there [Gaza Strip] has to coordinate with Israel. The fact that Pakistan has no relations with Israel, does not want to talk with us – even more so – if the prime minister of Pakistan declares, I am going to Gaza; I am not going to see any Israeli; I do not recognize Israel, one has to behave in a more decent way.” Rabin’s deputy foreign minister, Yosi Beilin, said Benazir Bhutto had not conducted herself in a `decent way”

In 1996 exactly a fortnight before her dismissal, she had told the National Assembly that ‘conspiracies’ were being hatched against her government. She disclosed that Mansoor Ejaz had recently met her in Islamabad and asked her to recognize Israel.

BB stated, ‘when I said I cannot do so unless Israel settles issues with the Palestinians, he (Mansoor Ijaz) wrote an article against me in the Wall Street journal.’ (Dawn, Karachi, 21 October 1996) The article was entitled, The IMF’s Recipe for Disaster, WSJ 13 June 1996. Mansoor ljaz’s mother, Lubna Razia Ijaz, is the daughter of Nazir Husain Khan who was one of the `original 313′ followers of Mirza Qadiyani.

Mansoor Ejaz had been introduced to the government of Pakistan by then ambassador Ahmad Kamal to the UN as `an influential Pakistan-American who could help Pakistan by securing a waiver to resume [US] aid to Pakistan ‘. He could deliver votes in the US House of Representatives for the passage of the Brown Amendment if Pakistan released 15 million dollars to a satellite company RADA with which he seemed somehow associated. Maleeha Lodhi, then ambassador in Washington, turned down the proposal. She said it would be `illegal’; besides, it might also be a trap.

People think that Benazir might not bale to fool her guarantors third time, any failure this time would be catastrophic for her. She would be living in ‘Green Zone’ as Iraqi leaders. She is good in singing songs of democracy but songs wont be enough this time. Hennery Kissinger former US Secretary of State said once said, it is not relevant if US punishes its enemies or not but it definitely punishes its friends’!

I told Benzair Bhutto at LSE in May 2007 ‘that democracy does not always work because Bush administration and Blair regimes (now Brown) both democratically elected bombing Afghanistan, invaded and occupied Iraq, caused death and grief both in their own countries and abroad. They ignored the protests of millions of people who protested against the war on the streets of London and New York. She said, ‘it was a good question but did not condemn the illegal actions’? The whole of Pakistan and region is on the verge of collapse and turmoil because of the mistakes of Benziar Bhutto and her government’s support of Taliban.

However, Benazir admitted “We made a mistake in supporting (creating) Taliban”, at London School of Economics (LSE). Benazir Bhutto Current Political Situation in Pakistan Tuesday 24 April 2007.  Her interior minister Naseerullah Babar used to call ‘Taliban’ my boys.

Critics say Benzair had two guarantors London and Washington on her back this time that should be reassuring to her. US dumped their main man Chilabi in Iraq when he tried to deviate from the line but not killed. Historically Brits are good in looking after the assets than Americans who believes in finding replacements.

Hamid Karzai was so honest with his feelings that he said to Major General John McColl the departing commander of the British forces in Afghanistan, ‘ you deserve a lot. You could have been the president of this country for all the good work you have done.’

Well Karzai owed his life and title to the coalition forces. In early November 2001 coalition forces picked up wounded Karzai from Urzugan after his mission to incite revolt against Taliban failed. Well British do look after their man unlike CIA in the case of Commander Abdul Haq whom the Americans used to call Hollywood Haq.

Hamid Karzai knows that he was a second choice in the herd of Karmils, Karzais and Chilibais. At an International conference on Interaction and Confidence Building measures in the Asian Continent, in Alamaty in 2002 President Karazai bumped into Israeli Minister Nathan Sharansky and told him point blank: ‘ I expect your help’ Israel’s help in everything that concern Afghanistan’s fight against terrorism.

In contrast to the British style of protecting assets ‘Commander Abdul Haq was left hung high to dry by the CIA according to James Ritchie a Washington based business man friend of Haq. Commander Haq was sent into Afghanistan to organise revolt among his tribesmen in the Jalalabad region but unluckily he found himself surrounded by the Taliban forces.

A member of his entourage called James Ritchie on satellite phone gave him their exact location where they happened to be and asked him to organise a rescue. Ritchie spoke to his friend a former Regan National Security Adviser, Robert Mcfarlane, and asked him to contact pentagon and all concerned to mount a rescue operation. But despite Ritchie’s repeated requests to send helicopters none arrived. The Americans used to call him ‘Hollywood Haq’ and it appears they let him die a Hollywood martyrs.

Well its for the so-called leaders of these countries to think how they want to live and die. People believe that stopping of paid insurgency and suicide bombings would be used as positive media trick in favour of Benazir.

Altaf Hussain has already succumbed to the pressure by the last minutes meetings of British Deputy High Commissioner with MQM Governor Sind Ishrat Abbad Khan. According to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office press release, “British Foreign Office Minister Lord Malloch-Brown arrives in Pakistan on Thursday 18th October 2007 for a two-day visit?

The whole world is suffering because of those mistakes of Benazir in creation of Taliban. The Taliban was nurtured and supported during Benzair Bhutto’s democracy to protect the oil pipeline with the full support of West and US. Occupation and unjust behaviour of the democracies is the root cause of extremism in and beyond Pakistan.

(Dr Shahid Qureshi is award winning senior investigative journalist and writer on international terrorism, security and foreign policy based in London)

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