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Benazir and Altaf to Impeach Musharraf?

By Dr Shahid Qureshi : –

There is no free lunch in this world and pay back time for British Citizen Altaf Hussain’s has come. MQM leader Dr Imran farooq and Benazir Bhutto have spoken and agreed to start a working relationship according to reports. I am sure MQM has forgiven Benazir Bhutto for the Karachi Operation and Benazir wouldn’t remember that approximately 670 Sind police officers who took part in the Karachi operation have been killed one by one in sophisticated targeted killings in past years; latest killing was of a retired SP few weeks ago. “She condemned the targeted killings of Karachi Police officers” while talking to me in London at a dinner two years ago.

The game plan is taking shape and becoming more and more visible. Musharraf and Benazir are like clay pigeons, which could be shot at any time according to some analysts. It’s the same old Iraq story being repeated in Pakistan only the characters are different. The US has not learnt any lessons from Iraq and Afghanistan. Saddam Hussain was once best friend of the US frequently visited by Donald Rumsfield. Saddam fought against Iran for many years with the US supplied weapons and killed his own people with the chemical weapons supplied by his closets allies. But he made the mistake of firing few old Russian ‘Skuds’ into Israel the US safe house in the Middle East. That was beginning of the end for him. The powerful lobby got on his case and than few years later he was hanged by a kangro court appointed by the occupiers in a humiliating style apparently by shia guards shouting name of a shia leader ‘muqtada, muqtada’. Now USA is legislating to divide Iraq into three regions Shia, Sunni and Kurds.

In Pakistan Benazir and Altaf Hussain are no different than Chilbis and Karzais. Chilabi was reportedly CIA source behind the false information about the still non-existent Weapons of Mass Destructions. Some Iraqi Shias reportedly supported the foreign invasion and now this Shia card is being used to divide Shias and Sunnis. Critics say Iran benefited the most of this invasion. The evidence of Altaf Hussain and MQM’s links with RAW are available in intelligence files only need to be seen.

Benazir is promising to provide full access to Dr AQ Khan for interrogation and intention to invite US forces to operate in Pakistan as if they are not already secretly. According to an article published on 21st September in Karachi based paper, ‘the bomb attack on Pakistan‘s Special Forces site in Terbala Ghazi was in fact on the US Special Forces who were secretly using that facility’.

Now the question is how Benazir is going to serve the purpose when Musharraf is already doing more than he should. Well the US always have a plan ‘B’ and ‘C’, I am sure Musharraf have too. If all goes well the seeming scenario is Benazir is going to win the election and become Prime Minister. If she loses the election she will still become member of the national assembly on the special women seats or become senator and than Chairperson Senate. As chairperson senate she will be the president under the constitution as soon as President Mushsraf goes out of Pakistani territory or die in accident. Benazir becoming president, that scenario will suit the foreigners’ first enlightened President of Islamic nuclear state with her former military secretary General Kiani as chief of army staff. If General Kiani tried to spread his wings Benazir can always invite outsiders next door to sort out the army and denuclearise Pakistan. She can always go back to her cosy villas abroad with reported wealth of $1.5 billion.

Keeping in view the history and psychological profile of Benazir Bhutto, she would be the first to ask for the impeachment of President Musharraf. She would be saying, ‘President Musharraf is directly responsible for the killings of people its own people in Balochistan, Tribal areas and Lal Mosque. President Musharraf had used brutal force against his own people and therefore committed crimes against humanity. Does this argument sound familiar? Yes. It was used against Saddam Hussain.

Does any one wonder why Mr Bin Laden always helped President Bush by releasing his messages just before the last US elections and other low ratings moments and now Benazir by allegedly threatening to eliminate her? I don’t see any future of Benazir. No body from outside including USA will dare object if government hold free and fair elections. President Musharraf can counter this by holding free and fair elections, walking out of this so-called ‘fraudulent war on terror’. He must start the process of reconciliation in Tribal areas and Balochistan.

When poor get fairness in pricing on the streets and vegetable markets opinion ratings go high. Simply follow demand and supply rule government should side with the people and not with the corrupt mafias. According to reports only this year 350 Pakistanis have been killed in 38 suicide attacks until 19th September 2007, 20 attacks were on the army, 11 on the state interests and 7 on police force. That is a very serious matter and direct attack on the sovereignty and economy of Pakistan.

The intelligence agencies can only counter this challenge more efficiently if they are allowed to operate professionally without involving them into politics. Some times use of common sense is better than intelligence.

(Dr Shahid Qureshi is senior award wining investigative journalist and writer on security, foreign policy, and terrorism based in London) – The Frontier Post, 17th October 2007

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