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Beauty on Wheelchair Contest in Romania

(Report By Lidia Leahu in Romania) :-

Atipic Beauty is a project initiated in Romania by Magda Coman, a former model, which after an accident remained immobilized in a wheelchair. Atipic Beauty is a project that brings before people models in a wheelchair, which scroll down the podium alongside native stars, public figures. Models in a wheelchair wearing costumes created by Romanian designers are arranged by professional make-up artists and hair stylists.

In addition to defiling the podium, the fashion show is combined with quality artistic moments. Atipic Beauty is organized annually in several cities in Romania. This project demonstrates once again that disability does not eliminate beauty, but we can also understand the reverse, beauty does not guarantee that someday we will not have a disability.

Lidia Lehu Romania .jpg tina olari

I (Lidia) accepted Magdaʼs invitation to participate in this event because I know together that we will always be stronger. We want our existence to bring added value to society. We scrolled down the podium 12 girls and a boy in wheelchairs, accompanied by 13 people very well known to Cluj Napoca, the city where the event took place. ( June 6, 2017)

Thirteen models and many smiles, but I know behind each model that smiles, is a story that is worthy of a novel. There are people who have been struck by the illness as lightning, but they have learned to rise from the ground, take their lives and go further, choosing to be winners.The event was moderated by the TV presenter Iuliana Tudor, the presenter of the show „Once in Life”.

Lidia Lehu Romania .jpg wheel chair stage

On the podium I had the honor of being accompanied by the famous make-up artist Anca Pop, holding national and European titles at make-up competitions. My hairstyle was made by a young talent , Lacatus Alexandru Daniel from Gettʼs Platinia, and the make-up was made by the talented Tirnovan Ramona Nicoleta from Alex Radulescu Make-up Academy.

The outfit was a colorful one, created especially for me, by the fashion designer Alexandra Calafeteanu. The designers Tina Olari, Adina Buzatu, Luminita Balazs, Aida Lorena, Cristina Nichita, Daniela Sala, Laura Ion, Maia Ratiu, Istvan Cimpean and fashion house Lanyʼs have created my colleagues outfits. It is a great pleasure to list them, because some of them have the opportunity to meet them personally and they are special people, willing to be with their fellow men.

Lidia Lehu Romania .jpg 3 group

Through this project we want our voices to be heard and accessibility begun, because in many cities they are missing outright. It is inadmissible that we have to be carried on arms by our loved ones, because they lack the ramps or those that are made, are made only by the form. As much as we respect the people who are responsible for accessibility, we will no longer hide the unpleasant situations we and our fellow men face.

We have to tell them that the time has come for a change to take place. The time has come to do something. On this occasion, I launched a challenge, a challenge Iʼm launching to your readers. I challenge people with decision-making power in terms of people with disabilities to spend one day a month in a wheelchair. Iʼm sure there will be find many solutions to our problems.

The challenge is not just for the authorities, but for every person who influences our lives. From store owners, medical cabinet owners, executives and teachers in schools and kindergartens, patrons of beauty salons to the authorities. With a little will and involvement from other people, many things can be done, and the life of people with disabilities would become considerably better.

The preparations for the biggest Atipic Beauty fashion show this year began. The next fashion show will be in Bucharest (that capital of Romania), on October 12, 2017 at the Parliament Palace.

Edited by Dr Shahid Qureshi – Chief Editor

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