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Bangladeshi man complains of ‘inhumane’ UK border staff

A Bangladeshi man accused British immigration officials of inhumane and degrading treatment after denying his 6-year-old son medical treatment and forcing him to clean up the child’s vomit, according to local media reports.

Rahman Mahafuzer flew from Bangladesh to London. After his 19-hour flight, he was questioned by officials at Heathrow airport about his right to live in Britain, where he has been living since last May.

Mahafuzer said he was held in detention for more than 10 hours, during which his son vomited numerous times. Immigration officials shouted at them, he said.

“He was sick of waiting and crying continuously and I was busy trying to take care of him but the officer kept telling me to clean the vomit,” he told the Guardian.

“He kept on coming and asking me to go to the toilet and take tissues to clean the vomit but I couldn’t go and leave my son alone,” he said.

Another detainee brought Mahafuzer toilet paper and they cleaned his son’s vomit. His pleas for medical help for his son were denied.

“When I asked them for a doctor, they said it is normal to vomit, and that my son won’t need any doctor,” he said.

He was eventually allowed to call paramedics, and his son was taken to a medical center for treatment.

His wife, Izabela Piaskowska, a Polish citizen, was not told her stepson was taken for treatment as she was separated from her family while waiting to be questioned.

“It was inhuman and degrading treatment,” he said. “We have never faced this issue before, and my brother, who lives in the U.K., was also surprised how they treated us. Is it because of Brexit? Will it be what post-Brexit Britain looks like?” he asked.

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