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Bangladeshi Human Trafficker admits killing 400 girls

(London Post Report):-  A man who identified as Mr Khan admitted killing 400 -500 girls and bury them when they ‘tried to make trouble for him’. He said: ‘I will continue killing if needed’. He confessed to the Ross Kemp a famous British actor turned documentary host and investigative journalist on violent gangs.

Mr Khan said: if matter goes out of hand of our bribed police and goes to CID, ‘we kill them and bury them’.

He started his career as ‘bait’ in the honey trap convincing them that ‘he will marry them’ than quickly selling them off. He has over 70 traffickers working for him.

He admitted trafficking over 3000 t0 4000 girls. He admitted trafficking girls as old as 12.

Mr Khan said: I sell girls in auction for $8500.

“We go to poor communities, often Muslim or tribal, and look for real beauties,” Kahn said of what he looks for in a victim. “The girls are auctioned, and go to the highest bidder.”

The full interview, below, may present some disturbing facts, but it’s the awareness that’s needed regarding the awful crimes.

While doing the program Ross Kemp said: ‘I have seen so many things in my life but not as like this’. The whole crew was upset and in tears.

At a time when Bangladeshi Government lead by Prime Minister Haseena Wajid hanging and executing nationalist political leaders who opposed India lead insurgency in 1970s has completely failed to protect its people and seems rather complicit.

There are reports that over 2 million Bangladeshi girls/women are in Indian brothels and some of them have managed to enter into Pakistan by bribing the border guards.

Watch full video report.

Video accredited to Ross Kemp and his team.


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