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Bangladesh: Three Indian Soldiers beaten by villagers in Kurigram

(London Post / BD Military)    Locals beat up three Indian BSF border guards after they intruded in to Bangladesh territory on Sunday, 20 September, 2015.

The incident took place at Kochakata border near Kashimbazar’s 1015 pillar when Kashimbazar resident Azizul Haq Khalifa went to cut grass during 10.00 AM however BSF violated the international border in an attempt to abduct him from well within Bangladesh.

After hearing the commotion local residents gathered to thwart the 6 BSF intruders. Three BSF members Óed during the ensuing pursuit however the Bangladeshi villagers managed to catch the remaining three and gave them a good thrashing before releasing them.

Victim Azizul said villagers chased the BSF with indigenous weapons, which forced the panicked BSF team to ᴀ밄ee. Azizul was lucky to be rescued as over a thousand Bangladeshis were murdered by India’s notorious BSF border guards in the past decade along the Bangladesh India border.

Yesterday a platoon size BSF task force entered Bangladesh illegally shooting villagers resulting in the death of one man and four others with bullet wounds in Joypurhat. The incident drew widespread criticism in Bangladesh and BSF  apologised for the criminal violations. Investigation on the incident is currently ongoing.

As Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) failed to protect Bangladeshis from harm’s way villagers are nowadays organising themselves to protect themselves, their families and properties from the Indian intruders.

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