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(London – PR) The three major players in the Gulf region, namely Iran, Saudi Arabia and the United States have recently found a “common ground” regarding several critical issues, including Bahrain uprising. Bahrain had been identified to have the potential to become a “source of sectarian conflict”. Sectarianism is the last thing any Gulf country wishes to deal with indoor. Secret meetings have taken place in the last couple of months between representatives from all parties in Masqat and Tehran, and very soon Manama.

The fear of sectarianism was reflected so vividly in the negotiations. In a nutshell, the parties agreed that the “ideal” settlement for Bahrain was to appoint a “transitional government”, incorporating the loyal opposition (the formal opposition parties) and regime loyalists. This transitional government will be chaired by current Prime Minister Khalifa Salman Alkhalifa himself.

While the “informal” opposition movements remain reluctant to indorse this settlement, the “formal” opposition parties have already accepted it, unconditionally. On the other hand, the mainstream opposition -excluding February 14 Coalition- remains largely unaware of the negotiation process, let alone the settlement itself. This is largely attributed to the lack of transparency from the opposition, both the “formal” as well as the “informal”.

A referendum will most certainly take place to cast legitimacy onto what is otherwise illegitimate. The trump card to pass this settlement on is religious leverage. Religious figures and institutions are already involved in the negotiations.

However, this settlement has largely overlooked the will of the sovereign people of Bahrain, and is at odds with the basic legitimate right to self-determination. It is fundamentally flawed and shall not come to pass.

Alliance of Youth of Change is determined to challenge this settlement, as well as any settlements that do not bring to justice all criminals, starting with the head of the ruling dynasty Hamad Alkhalifa, his heir Salman and his Prime Minister Khalifa.

The only one right place for criminals is justice, not ballot boxes.

Maps: http://www.freeworldmaps.net/asia/bahrain/map.html/


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