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Azerbaijanis register protest to Amnesty International in London

(London – PR):-

Azerbaijanis living in the UK staged a peaceful protest in front of the administrative building of Amnesty International in London to draw attention to Armenia’s yet another military aggression against Azerbaijan starting from September 27 and to condemn the Amnesty International’s biased, selective and pro-Armenian position amid Armenia’s indiscriminate killing of Azerbaijani civilians living far beyond the conflict zone, including Ganja city of Azerbaijan.

Chanting the slogans like “show that you care”, “say no to war crimes” “say no to hate crimes”, “stop double standards”, “Armenians are targeting Azerbaijanis just based on our nationality”, “Karabakh is Azerbaijan”, “We just want our lands back”, “Justice for Ganja”, “Where is your justice”, more than a hundred Azerbaijani community members participating in the peaceful protest asked the Amnesty International to accept their letter addressed to the latter.

In the letter which was personally accepted by Amnesty International’s staff member while the protest was going on, Azerbaijani community wrote that impunity that Armenian nationalists perceived as a result of the inaction by the international community is what encouraged Armenia to launch another military aggression against Azerbaijan.

The members of Azerbaijani community further wrote in the letter that if international organizations continue applying double standards, the recent upsurge in Armenia-Azerbaijan Nagorno Karabakh conflict risks turning into the worst escalation the region has ever seen. They called Amnesty International to set aside the biases and  stand up for the humanitarian values they are supposed to protect.

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