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Why attacking Imran Khan would damage Sharifs more?

By Dr Shahid Qureshi:-

In any democratic country politicians are the first line of defence and act as a binding force between the units. Few years ago, when judicial activism was at its peak during the tenure of Supreme Court Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry I wrote: “Politician should not be unnecessary criticized as they have a responsibility to run the country”. Very kindly Chief Justice mentioned in his speech the same point while speaking to the lawyers.

The recent drone attack of a former PTI worker and special seat MNA (Member National Assembly) Ayesha Gulali on PTI Chief Imran Khan’s character was well organised and well scripted. But the writers missed many points in the emotions and consequences of this personal attack. That could be the over confidence and arrogance of the Sharif regime. It is like failure to cost benefit analysis or war game exercise.

According to report by Asad Mirza senior investigative journalist: “Ayesha Gulali was offered Rs. One Billion plus a seat in the national assembly”. I am not sure if she will be able to enjoy that money and get a seat from the PML-N after the allegations of ‘inappropriate texting’ against the party chief Imran Khan. She herself admitted that ‘she never met Imran Khan alone’. Well that is wise thing to do because as someone said: don’t go so far that from where you cannot return.

The pro India media group which is allegedly running this campaign has already got ‘Qandeel Bloch’ killed in the name of so called honour killing. In that sinister campaign, they even manage to malign the Armed Forces of Pakistan. According to FIR lodged by the father states: “my son killed her for money and on the instructions of my other son who is a JCO in Pakistan Army”.

Now the hype created by the PML-N in the media with help of paid media groups is definitely going to back fire. Sharif’s are sabre rattling the security establishment to point some scores. What we call hitting the target but missing the point. I believe one should not ignore the human side of politicians and that is including their families. Security establishment has tons of damaging evidence against those who matters and that is including prime ministers, ministers and others. They know or should know who is sleeping with who as that is their business to know.

Once FBI Chief went to the US Attorney General Robert Kennedy younger brother of President JFK with a photo of an actress Marilyn Monroe and reportedly stated: ‘we FBI don’t want President to see this woman as she has close links with the Mafia’. Obviously, this is nothing to do with the privacy as it is to do with the national security.

Once upon a time during 1990s at London High Commission of Pakistan, a Canadian citizen and active political member of a minority community originating from KPK came with an extremely beautiful woman from India. He went to see someone from the security and requested a visa to be granted to the Indian woman. After listening to him and his referencing to a high profile in the Prime Minister house in Pakistan the officer asked him to bring the travelling plan and air tickets. The man (pimp) was quick to bring in the both and visa was issued to the Indian lady from London waving the rules off course.  But the efficient officer obviously kept his bosses informed back home and a plan to intercept and tag was ready. Those who enjoyed the company or slept with the Indian lady were top office holders of a political party. Now if these people push security establishment too much there might be a chance that it could be leaked to anyone or released on dark net. Obviously, consequences would be disastrous for the country as political leadership would be discredited.

The purpose of telling the whole story was to make people understand that when international conspirators plan to break a country they start with discrediting the political leadership and the next step is constitutional loopholes. Pakistani politicians have already provided constitutional loopholes in the shape of 18th Amendment in the constitution i.e. Provincial Autonomy.

“It was 1974 constitution of former Yugoslavia which caused the break of the state”, said Antonio Moneo Lain a visiting fellow at LSE in his lecture at London School of Economics on 2nd December 2009.

I told him that although, “USA is a union of States but no such facility like choice of becoming independent country is available to the states as the issue of state autonomy is kept vague”.

It seems that international players have the ‘Soviet Union Model’ in mind because in modern times international plotters use constitutional loopholes or constitutional amendments to disintegrate countries. For example, in dismantling of the USSR the international plotters used constitutional provisions which had been placed intentionally. The breakup of the USSR was provided in two of the Articles of the USSR constitution. Article 70 Stated: “Union of the Soviets Republics is a unitary, federal, multinational state, formed on the Free Self Determination of Nations”. Article 72 was more explicit and stated: “Each Union Republic retains the right freely to secede from the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics”.

Although a union of States interestingly USA has no such mechanism available in its constitution and according to US experts “the (US) constitutional language is sparse’. It is up to the Congress to give meaning to that language”. We all know who control and got the majority in the Congress?

I believe politicians in Pakistan from all parties should show maturity and former prime minister Nawaz Sharif should specially shut up this drug dealer ‘Ephedrine Smuggler’ from Rawalpindi without any further delay.

(Dr Shahid Qureshi is senior analyst with BBC and chief editor of The London Post. He writes on security, terrorism and foreign policy. He also appears as analyst on Al-Jazeera, Press TV, MBC, Kazak TV (Kazakhstan), LBC Radio London. He was also international election observer for Kazakhstan 2015 and 2016 and Pakistan 2002. He has written a famous book “War on Terror and Siege of Pakistan” published in 2009. He wrote his MA thesis on ‘Political Thought of Imam Khomeini’ and visited Tehran University. He speaks at Cambridge University on international politics. He is PhD in ‘Political Psychology’ also studied Law at a British University. He speaks at Cambridge University).

Views expressed are not of The London Post

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