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Astana can be diplomatic hub between West and East – N. Nazarbayev

(London Post)  ASTANA. KAZINFORM – President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev gave an interview to Renaud Girard from Le Figaro newspaper, one of the major media in France, the press service of the Akorda informs.

The President told about the activities of Kazakhstan in the sphere of ensuring nonproliferation of nuclear weapons, shared his opinion about the current situation in Ukraine and related events and about the ways of resolution of the Syrian crisis.

In particular, N. Nazarbayev stressed that renouncement of the nuclear arsenal allowed to attract the significant volume of foreign investments to Kazakhstan and create conditions for modernization of the economy.

He also noted that establishment of the International Bank of Low Enriched Uranium in Kazakhstan will provide a reliable source of fuel for nuclear power plants of different countries reducing the opportunities of getting highly enriched uranium and the risk of its use for military purposes.

The President also drew attention to the fact that the project was not aimed at getting any commercial benefits.

“The most important thing is another contribution of Kazakhstan to nonproliferation of nuclear weapons,” he emphasized.

Commenting on the activities of different sides of the Minsk process, N. Nazarbayev reminded that one of the main themes of his discussion with President of France F. Holland, besides the issues of bilateral cooperation, was the Ukrainian crisis. The President noted that the conflict in Ukraine was growing prior to the visit of the French President, and no specific diplomatic steps were taken in order to restore the order.

  1. Nazarbayev met with leaders of Germany, Ukraine and Russia subsequently for discussing an opportunity of organizing a joint meeting, which was later held in Minsk.

The President emphasized that the conflict was not settled so far. Although, the Minsk-2 agreement reflects all the activities of the Russian and Ukrainian sides.

  1. Nazarbayev also told that the sanctions against Russia did not lead to any significant results.

“It is people who suffer from these sanctions the most, and they have nothing to do with the Ukrainian crisis. They are just representatives of Russian small and medium business and French farmers. France has to exert every effort to stop escalation of the conflict and imposition of more sanctions. Diplomatic steps must be taken in order to resolve this crisis,” N. Nazarbayev said.

Speaking of the Syrian situation, the President of Kazakhstan emphasized that interference of the other countries contradicting the international law and agreements with the Syrian internal affairs led to the present situation. He said that the problems of this nature will go away when this approach of interference with the internal affairs of the other countries stops.

Besides, N. Nazarbayev noted that Astana has all the chances to become a diplomatic hub in Central Asia.

“We want to become a diplomatic hub in this unstable region right at the crossroads of the West and East,” President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev concluded.



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