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Argos Store Manager kept calling Customer ‘Honey’

(London Post): –    Argos store manager ‘Nilufar’, called senior journalist ‘Honey’ twice during a conversation at the customer service counter on 28/05/16. She was managing Argos store at Unit 4 Arena Shopping Park, (Haringey) London N4 1ED.

Ms Nilufar said to senior journalist ‘listen to me Honey’ at that point she was told not to call ‘honey’ as it is patronizing and inappropriate to call a stranger honey. After a gap of few seconds Ms Nilufar called him ‘honey’ second time and said, ‘listen to me honey’. She was told not to. Such a short term memory of customer service store manager?

Ms Nilfar came out from the office after a junior member of staff asked her permission about exchange of a mobile phone handset due to the size of the sim card. Ms Nilfuar was reminded that only two weeks ago a similar situation arises and Argos exchanged the handset without any problem. He showed her the phone that: ‘this phone was exchanged from this store for similar sim card size reason’.

When she was asked about her manager Ms Nilufar said: ‘Christine’ is on leave for ten days and for now I am the boss of this place and you can call customer service.

Ms Nilfuar was told that return and exchange policy is designed for very reason and this Samsung phone bought on 26/05/16 at 18:51 issue number 108847 expiry 15/07/16 is under one-year manufacturer warranty therefore, there should be no issue for her in exchanging the phone with the right sim card. She was told all big stores and companies for example M&S accept exchange or refund after client like to return or exchange. She said: ‘we are not M&S. She was told the reason of return is legitimate and reasonable.

Ms Nilufar was told that she has made it a personal issue. This conversation happened at public counter as they seem to have no allocated room or private space to deal with such issues.

There were many other customers who were listening to this conversation which can be verified by the store CCTV. The store manager ignored the privacy rights of the customer and went head on collusion with the very customer who is paying to buy from Argos so she could be paid.

There are many other customers who complained about this behaviour of staff at ‘Haringey’ Argos. Senior journalist is a PhD in psychology who has worked as head of training of a US multinational marketing department. He said: Ms Nilufar is clearly not fit for public dealings and need more ‘mirroring’ training so she could see and hear herself.

He will be writing to the CEO of the Argos to investigate the matter.

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