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Anti-war campaigners call on David Cameron to stop bombing Syria

(London Post – PR)    David Cameron’s admission that British forces have been involved in drone operations in Syria, killing two British citizens, reveals the extent of covert operations and duplicity on the part of the British government. Despite losing the parliamentary vote when he wanted to bomb the other side in Syria two years ago, he now wants to extend the bombing of ISIS. This will result in more deaths and more refugees.

David Cameron is determined to go to war, and he refuses to let democratic formalities stand in his way. His government is even exploiting the refugee crisis, which is the product of US and UK military intervention, in order to force Britain into yet another savage bombing campaign. UK bombing of Syria would only increase the refugee crisis.


1. The Stop the War Coalition was founded in 2001 to stop the military intervention in Afghanistan proposed by the United States and its allies against ‘terrorism’. In 2003 it brought together 2 million people – Britain’s largest demonstration – to oppose intervention in Iraq.

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