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Angelica Fomina is playing Clara Rocher in ‘Who Killed Monsieur Rocher?

(By Dr Shahid Qureshi)   Angelica Fomina is the leading actresses in the play ‘Who Killed Monsieur Rocher?’ She is playing the role of Clara Rocher, a wife of a rich lawyer.
From childhood she was writing poems and composing music. However, after coming to London she discovered her hidden passion for theatre. In 2010, she finished acting studio RITS. Now, she is working in the Old Vic theatre and participating in different theatre and music productions.
Julia Edgely add
Cast include:
Peter York – inspector Henry Grandin
Yuliya Edgley – secretary Alice Postic
Angelica Fomina – lawyer’s wife, Clara Rocher
Gerry Skeens – personal assistant, Suzanne Brissard
Thomas Witcomb – lawyer, Monsieur Rocher
Hugo Harrison – young policeman, Maximin
Jack Hooker – clerk, Robert de Charance
Lampri Dimitriadou – typist, Virginia Renoir
It will be shown in London Theatro Technis on the following dates:
28th May – 5pm
29th May – 6.30pm
4th June – 6.30pm
5th June – 7.30pm
Venu address: 26 Crowndale Road, London, NW1 1TT
Tel: 020 7387 6617
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