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Ambassador A.Yakovenko welcome Russian Trade Mission in the UK

(London Post – PR)  Ever since its establishment the Trade Mission has continued to work hard to promote business relations between Russia and Great Britain. It helps companies in both countries to find partners and enter each other’s markets.

To my mind, the theme of the Forum – “Promotion of Bilateral Cooperation and Internationalization of Small and Medium-Size Enterprises” – fully accounts for the current economic situation, for such enterprises play a special role in sustainable market development.

Development of small and medium-size enterprises is crucial for Russia’s growth, its economic resilience and adaptability. Small and medium-sized companies are mobile and flexible; they can quickly fulfill demand in new market niches, create new sources of economic growth, enhance economic efficiency and create jobs.
In this regard, the Trade Mission’s special role is to promote the interests of small and medium-sized Russian businesses in the UK and to attract British companies to Russia. After all, big businesses have the resources to enter external markets without assistance, while small and medium-size enterprises are often faced with many difficulties as they try to act on the global market.

SMEs provide a kind of glue for the whole economy of any country, including Russia, making it stronger and more balanced.

There is no doubt that our Trade Mission, wizened by the 95 years of outstanding experience, will continue to contribute to the trade and economic relations between Russia and Great Britain in close cooperation with the Russian Embassy in London.

I would like to extend my best wishes to the Trade Mission on this occasion, and I hope that this Business Forum will provide its participants the opportunity for a productive discussion. I wish you every success.

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