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Altaf’s British Nationality Could Be Stripped – UK Tough on Terrorism

By Dr Shahid Qureshi : –
“Altaf Hussan has never worked in Britain since 1992 and not paid any taxes, now own properties worth millions? Surely British authorities are very well aware with this and not protecting a ‘toxic asset’ by legal loopholes and also complicit?”

“There is a growing feeling among the Pashtuns living in Karachi, NWFP and elsewhere that Britain by harbouring Altaf Hussain who is now British Citizen is supporting and probably exporting terrorism. Pashtuns are the largest group in Karachi mainly settled on the exit points of Karachi port where NATO supplies go pass and also on the entry points into Afghanistan. Keeping in view the current situation how Britain is looking after its tactical and strategic interests”? , I asked HE Adam Thomson newly appointed British High Commissioner to Pakistan at media briefing in the Foreign and Commonwealth Officer in London.

High Commissioner Designate Adam Thomson’s response was, “You will believe me that Britain is tough on terrorism if any individual British or non British if involved in terrorism will be prosecuted. That diplomatic response does not mean that we are in any sense indifferent to what is happening on Pakistan Afghan border or in Karachi”.

Mr Thomson’s response is diplomatic as he said but people in Pakistan are concerned with the alleged money laundering and transfer of extortion money into Britain. How is it possible for some one who has never worked in Britain since 1992 and not paid any taxes, now own properties worth millions? Surely British authorities are very well aware with this and not protecting a ‘toxic asset’ by legal loopholes and also complicit?

“A terrorist and mass-murderer is at large in the north London suburb of Mill Hill, according to Pakistan’s Prime Minister, Benazir Bhutto. She (Ms Bhutto) refers to him publicly as a “cowardly rat”, and her government has asked Interpol to issue warrants for his arrest and return to Pakistan, where he faces more than 100 criminal charges, ranging from arson to murder and torture. (Altaf) Hussain was born in Karachi in 1953, the son of an Indian Muslim who had been the station master in Agra under the (British) Raj, and who fled to Pakistan at the time of partition. He grew up in a comfortable middle-class household, something he now downplays, preferring to describe himself as Pakistan’s first lower-middle-class politician”, reported Jonathan Ford of The Independent on 13 July 1995.

While Talking to ‘Asia Week, during her visit to Malaysia,’ “Benazir Bhutto said He (Altaf Hussain) has been charged with kidnapping, torture, and murder. We do not believe that it is advisable to talk with him in the initial stage. If he is innocent, as he claims, he should come back and face a trial. His No. 2 man, Azim Tariq, called him a fascist and [Altaf] had him killed.

We have just arrested the people who were involved in that murder. They have described in graphic detail how [Altaf] ordered the murder and how it was carried out. We have now asked Interpol to arrest him and extradite him to Pakistan. But if the process of negotiations leads to peaceful conditions and confidence is built and peace is maintained and sustained, the government could review its position vis-a-vis Altaf Hussain.

Ms Bhutto further said, ‘Our conditions are that [MQM] should surrender their weapons and renounce terrorism. If they do so, they can join the political mainstream. But if they insist on violence, then their cadres will have to spend their lives underground, separated from their families, and be killed in shootouts with the police.”

It is shameful what Zardari regime is doing in ignoring national interests of Pakistan and its people just for a political coalition with a ‘mercenary group’. MQM has caused human and billions economic loss to Pakistan and supported ‘Dictator’ General Musharraf and supported his uniformed presidency.

There is a growing feelings in Pakistan that Britain is supporting and exporting terrorism by harbouring Altaf Hussain with his full fledge 40 plus staff HQ in London.  After the terrorism of 12th May 2007 allegedly unleashed by MQM in which more then 50 people lost their lives and 150 injured. Those killed were from all over Pakistan including a large numbers of Awami National Party members mainly Pakhtuns. An eye for an eye is Pakhtuns tribal tradition as in Iraq too. There is a possibility that relative or relatives of who killed in Karachi, bomb Altaf Huusain and his international Secretariat in Edgware London.

On 16th May 2007, Haji Muhammad Adeel Additional Secretary General of Peshawar based Awami National Party (ANP) alleged that, ‘Altaf Hussain had taken political asylum to obtain British citizenship and had planned a conspiracy in London to kill Pakistanis in Karachi.

“The ANP leader demanded the British Government put the MQM chief on trial for conspiring to kill Pakistanis, wound hundreds of others and to destroy property worth billions of rupees.”  He further said it was amazing that the British Government had banned the activities of organisations like Al-Qaeda, the Khalistan Movement and other militant groups, but had allowed Altaf Hussain to give directives to his “party terrorists” by telephone.”

Imran Khan said, ‘The British government has shown double standards. On the one hand it is fighting a war against terrorism and on the other it has given British citizenship and protection to the number one terrorist of Pakistan.

Altaf Hussain declined interview to this writer on many occasions even an emailed Q&A but he gave an interview to Daily Telegraph London on 15th May 2007 titled “Running Karachi-from London”, “the man in charge of Pakistan’s largest city, Karachi, was at his usual command-and-control post at the weekend, a sofa in north London”. The paper said, “As his fiefdom descended into brutal violence, with the deaths of at least 40 people reported amid the worst political bloodshed Pakistan has witnessed in years, Altaf Hussain directed his followers by telephone from a safe place more than 5,000 miles away”.

In July 2006, Altaf Hussain himself informed the Metropolitan Police and requested protection because he claimed that assassins of his rival MQM (Haqiqee) have arrived in London to kill him and his life is in grave danger.   I have no personal problem with MQM it is them who only give interview to friendly journalists. Apart from many requests Altaf Hussain declined all requests. So I wrote to him by email on 3 April 2006. I have not received his response in the almost past four years.

Dear Mr Altaf Hussain, I am sure you will be in good health. Please find my questions as requested by Mr. Mustafa Azizabadi to send you in writing by email. I have observed a shift in the MQM’s policy and as writer and professional journalist I should take your latest views on the following issues before the publication of my book. Please respond as soon as possible’.

1- Islam is the principle of Solidarity of Pakistan, since Mr. Altaf Hussain denies the validity of Two Nation Theory, so what is the principle of solidarity of Pakistan?
2 – Mr Altaf Hussain said the Line of Control in Kashmir should be made permanent border, what is his current stand on Kashmir?
3- Mr. Altaf Hussain thinks Moharirs in Pakistan are a nation (Qoom) ?
4- Are the Afghan Mohajirs who left Afghanistan for safety of life included in the definition of (Qom) nation?
5- What about those who migrated to Pakistan and granted Pakistani nationality under the settlement Act 1956? They are not refugees. They were settlers or immigrants or Mohajir Qoom.
6-People think that Mr. Altaf Hussain has betrayed millions of his Mohajir followers by accepting BRITISH NATIONALITY and by signing his loyalty the British Queen?
7- What is MQM’s stand on partition of India; does it still think partition was a blunder?
8-MQM is part of the present government in Pakistan, its party member are Governor of Sind, city Nazim Karachi, few federal and provincial ministers, Prime Minister of Pakistan and ministers visited him on 6-7 March 2006, What are the factors and reasons stopping Mr Altaf Hussain to go back Pakistan?
9- In an interview with Indian journalist M J Akbar of Asian Age, Mr Altaf Husain said that, “he was refused commission in Pakistan Army just because he was a Mohajir? Please comment.
10- You have been living in London for nearly (17) years, have u received any benefits or income support, if not what was/ is your source of income?
11 – What is the future of Pakistan in your opinion and what role your party can play?

The recent Karachi fires and bombings in Ashura procession attended by approximately 50,000 people have caused deaths and destructions of innocent people and properties. The targeted killings of opposition group Haqiqi is alarming as MQM has issued thousands of arms licences to it workers and sympathisers in past few years.

On the basis of probability there is clear evidence that Altaf Hussain is involved in exporting terrorism to Pakistan from British soil, using British resources. His recent telephone speech from London in which he asked his party workers to, ‘get arms and licences’, for personal protection’. MQM’s ‘Jean Bike Clean Shave Taliban’ has already been issued thousands of licences and permits by the Sindh government. Critics say MQM and Altaf is a mercenary force protecting foreigners and foreign interests.

Altaf Hissain and many members of his team are British Citizens surely they must have a ‘good moral character’ then British taxpayers ‘Harrods’ owner and businessman Mohammed Al-Fayed father of Dodi Al-fayed whom UK government denied British Nationality!

I asked Amjad Malik a famous British lawyer who represented a religious cleric Shafiq ur Rehman in the House of Lords. In this case cleric was alleged to have exported terrorism in Indian held Kashmir and becoming threat to British National Security by collecting funds for an organisation based in Pakistan, fighting against the occupying Indian Army.

It is strange that if Altaf Husain asks ‘people in Pakistan to buy arms’, buy houses worth millions, never paid any taxes for past 17 years and British government don’t act? British government should review its decision and should not harbour terrorists on its soil in the name of freedom speech and let any one abuse British values.

Q: Can British government strip off Altaf Hussain’s British Nationality?
Mr Mailk said, ‘put it this way if a fire brand, campaigns in a negative way which results in mass killings and entails crimes or Acts committed at any time as part of a widespread or systematic attack, directed against any civilian population with knowledge of the attack. This would include offences such as murder, torture, rape, severe deprivation of liberty in violation of fundamental rules of international law and enforced disappearance of persons, or involvement in Genocide,  Terrorist activities, or Organisations concerned in terrorism  to advance political aims, the answer is yes, he can be charged and tried here in UK under existing Terrorism laws, and can be stripped off his nationality and may be extradited to the state where those crimes have been committed or the country of his origin subject to some conditions.”

When asked by “Daily Telegraph” why Mr Hussain was not deported to Pakistan before he was granted citizenship, a British diplomat said: “He has not committed a crime on British soil.”

Q: Can Altaf Hussain British Citizen be tried for crimes committed (exporting terrorism) in Pakistan and can his nationality be taken away?
Mr Malik, The answer is yes, Under s.7 of the British Nationality and Status of Aliens Act 1914, the Secretary of State had the power to ‘revoke’ a certificate of naturalisation granted by him if he was satisfied that it had been obtained “by false representation or fraud, or by concealment of material circumstances, or that the person to whom the certificate is granted has shown himself by act or speech to be disaffected or disloyal to His Majesty …” This section was a corresponding section of the BNA 1948 was s.20 (deprivation of citizenship) and The deprivation provisions are now contained in s.40 of the BNA 1981.

Mr Malik said, ‘If one is British and or dual national then under s.4 of Nationality, Immigration and Asylum Act 2002 which amends earlier laws of Nationality Act 1981(s.40)now empowers secretary of State for Home Affairs to deprive a citizen of his citizenship if he is satisfied that the person has done anything seriously prejudicial to the vital interests of  the United Kingdom, on accounts of his activities which create danger to public good and or in the interest of national security and being involved in international terrorism is a very serious matter which has repercussions and carry retaliation. A fire brand Muslim Cleric Abu Hamza has been the first victim of this law when then Home Secretary David Blunkett told the media on 5 April 2003 that he has written a letter withdrawing his (Abu Hamza’s) citizenship. Now the question arises if a criminal is wanted by host state and guarantee is given by way of ‘Memorandum of Understanding’ that he will be offered a due process of law in the country of origin and a fair trial and he will not hanged without due process, can he be removed from UK. In theory the answer is yes and it has happened, in practice it is a long exhaustive exercise and involves a long legal battle, but the accused may be detained whilst this all is pending to curtain his criminal activities which occurred on last few cases in UK.”

Q: What options Altaf Hauissain has if Nationality is striped and how can they be challenged?

Mr Malik, ‘in those circumstances one may be charged and asked to face criminal prosecution and a trial before judge and jury in UK and or he may leave UK immediately voluntarily before action is taken like Abu Bakri did, or if any such decision is taken to deprive someone of his nationality, one has the right to appeal before the SIAC (Special Immigrations Appeals Commission) and claim human rights protection under article 3,8 that one may be killed in Pakistan if returned or if sentenced one may face death penalty.

Q: Are you foreseeing any reaction i.e. bombing of his Altaf Hussain’s International Secretariat in Edgware from victim’s families allegedly killed by MQM?
Mr Mailk, “yes, there is a real possibility and fear of reprisals in London as a result of 12th May 2007 terrorists incidents in Karachi which resulted loss of many innocent lives on that day and Britain has only provided lip service to those victims and may be the victims and other groups take retaliatory action to invite British Govt’s attention towards taking a stern action to rule out Britain’s position as a safe heaven for international terrorists.”

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