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Altaf Hussain arrested London Shaking: asset to monster

By Dr Shahid Qureshi  : –

MQM leader Altaf Hussain was arrested and both Karachi and London shaking with tremors felt far and wide. Britain had ruled more than half of the world and still holding on to its influence in various ways. The Commonwealth is another example where all or most of the countries ruled by Britain are joined and bonded together. Throughout the British Raj from East India Company to the present day it has millions of assets, informers, loyalists and agents from various communities. They came in all shapes and sizes from all over.

People say Altaf Hussain is an Assets to various stake holders, Indians, Americans and off course Britain. Surely by providing him a safe heaven and a base as well as support from other assets in Pakistan it has clearly done a great job. So much so the 5 Is – world 5 intelligence agencies as they are known starting from UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and USA are behind them?

Some people say if Altaf Hussain had beard and from a Madrasah he would have been in prison for a very long time. In this case Altaf Hussain started threatening his own masters not only barking but also biting, how strange?

BBC reported ‘Karachi in fear after Altaf Hussain arrest’ on 3 June 2014: “Paramilitary forces have been deployed at the British deputy high commission in Karachi”. Why would such a force required in Karachi to protect the office of The British Deputy High Commissioner in Pakistan, when person arrested (Altaf Hussain) is a British citizen and has signed allergenic to the British Queen?

Altaf Hussain showing off his British passport
Altaf Hussain showing off his British passport

BBC reported: “A bus burns after being set on fire by protesters condemning the arrest in London of Altaf Hussain, who heads the Muttahida Qaumi Movement, or MQM, one of Pakistan’s major political parties, in Karachi, Pakistan. Several buses were set on fire as the news filtered out. As soon as it became known that police in London had arrested the leader of Pakistan’s MQM (Muttahida Qaumi Movement) party, Altaf Hussain, fear gripped the southern Pakistani city of Karachi which his party controls.

Reports are already emerging of sporadic violence and shootings, and several vehicles have been burned. Upon hearing the news, the city effectively shut down. Offices and shops were closed and transport companies immediately suspended their services, with many passengers left stranded on the streets.

A security professional in the city also told the BBC that as soon as the news filtered out, it became clear that things could get out of control and Karachi was effectively in lockdown. “When it comes to Karachi, if anything happens to Altaf Hussain, you can count on the city just shutting down and a lot of violence,” he told the BBC.

Supporters of the Muttahida Qaumi Movement, or MQM, one of Pakistan’s major political parties, shout slogans condemning the arrest in London of its leader, Altaf Hussain, in Karachi, Pakistan. Supporters of Altaf Hussain were enraged by the developments in London. He said that whenever something like this took place, it was the party workers who were most outraged. The leaders have made appeals for calm. Several readers have also emailed the BBC News website describing the situation.

“MQM supporters are firing in streets and shopkeepers have closed down the shops as their supporters set fire to any shop which is open,” Tahir reports. One student wrote in to say that his university exams had been postponed as a result of the latest developments. “I live in Karachi and currently the city is in turmoil,” Nabil wrote in, while another reader simply said the lives of Karachi’s people “are in jeopardy now”.

The reason I quoted from BBC above is that no one should say my assessment and comments could be seen as biased. One senior analyst said: ‘Threat was not only to the British Deputy High Commission but also to the all businesses who have British interest from NATO supplies to BBC and British companies based in Pakistan’.  Surely the message has been passed on to the British authorities? In this kind situation how one can expect that those journalists and their families who criticise MQM-A can live in peace without threats to them and their families.’?  This assets is gone wild who is not only barking but also biting? On the one hand we see reputation of Scotland Yard but on other we see interests of the ‘asset keepers’.

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