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Almazbek Atambaev pushes Kyrgyzstan to another revolution

(By Special Correspondent): –

Kyrgyzstan unexpectedly found itself on the brink of armed conflict. Former President Almazbek Atambayev provoked it. The country is discussing the introduction of an emergency regime, and the Kyrgyz are supplying food, medicine and fuel in anticipation of a new revolution.

Special forces, shots, explosions of flash-bang grenade and power assault. The events of recent days in the suburbs of Bishkek resembled a special operation to detain a highly dangerous criminal. «Alpha» special forces caught the former president of Kyrgyzstan, Almazbek Atambaev, who is accused of a number of serious crimes. He denies the allegations. But for some reason during the assault he began to behave as if these charges were unfounded. Confront the detachment of professional fighters, firing real rubber bullets, and even manage to take some hostages, hold the defense for two days – isn’t it large-scale to detain a person passing as a witness, albeit in very resonant cases ?!

Apparently it was clear that Atambaev and his supporters prepared thoroughly for the assault. For example, they blocked the entrance to the residence with sawn trees and stocked up with an arsenal of firearms. Atambayev earlier, without hiding, said that in which case he was “ready to shoot back”. In fact, without hesitation he began to do during the assault. Then, however, Atambayev justified himself and said that he only shot at the special forces and “tried not to hit” people. What a “nobility”!

Eventually the first assault on the Atambaev’s residence was the death of one commando. 79 people were injured. «Alpha» team had to make two more attempts to detain the ex-president. Together with him was arrested his adviser and deputy chairman of the Social Democratic Party. However, to say that the story is over is impossible. Atambayev’s supporters, whom he pretty much “warmed up” with promises and slogans bordering extremism, continue to speak in Bishkek.

But before analyzing how all this can end, it is important to understand how it all began

In fact, in 2017 Atambayev transferred his power to his authorized representative and successor. Obviously, then some kind of agreement was reached on Atambayev’s “immunity”. Which, in principle, happened. He “knocked out his immunity.” But when a special deputy commission began to sort out his presidential past, it turned out that the ex-president of Kyrgyzstan had done so much that not a single immunity could save. It is, in particular, about illegal enrichment, land acquisition, involvement in the illegal release of criminal authority six years ago, as well as corruption. How obvious and widespread were the facts of thefts in his portfolio, that it was not possible to leave them unpunished by the current government, one can only guess. In any case, they were definitely enough for deprivation of immunity.

Feeling that the situation would be getting out of control, Atambaev made a power move.

Ex-President of Kyrgyzstan traveled to the Kremlin to complain to Vladimir Putin about Sooronbay Jeenbekov, who threatens him with criminal prosecution.

The case, of course is unprecedented. Putin responded diplomatically with the view that coups would be enough for Kyrgyzstan. That is Atambayev then receives his indulgence for the forgiveness of sins. “The Kyrgyz authorities will definitely not detaining who has been in the Kremlin!” he thinks.

Visit to Moscow could indeed reduce the domestic political escalation in Kyrgyzstan, but upon returning, Atambayev went to aggravate the conflict and began to behave completely inadequately. After resistance to the authorities and the death of a special forces soldier, he transferred from a witness to the list of accused according to the above list of cases. Now the only hope for him is a new revolution, which he obviously has been trying to inspire all these two days, fueling the conflict and “warming up” the crowd of his supporters.

How can all this end? Depends on which side the Kyrgyz clan groups will take and how the legitimate authorities will react to what is happening. Because Atambayev, while remaining behind bars, may continue to provoke an escalation that will lead the country to conflict, and in the worst case scenario, even to split Kyrgyzstan along the north-south line.

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