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Al Jazeera TV journalist arrested by Israeli police during Palestinian ‘Sheikh Jarrah’ protest

Media network Al Jazeera said one of its reporters, Givara Budeiri, had been assaulted and arrested by Israeli police while covering the Sheikh Jarrah protest. Footage posted online showed Budeiri, wearing a press vest, being pulled and pushed while led away by three or four officers.

A correspondent for the Qatari broadcaster Al Jazeera was arrested on Saturday during a demonstration in the hotspot Arab neighbourhood of Sheikh Jarrah in East Jerusalem.

The Palestinian Liberation Organization’s Xavier Abu Eid accused Israeli police forces of attacking the TV crew and destroying their equipment. A spokesman for the Israeli police said the correspondent had physically attacked security forces while they were trying to break up the demonstration and that she had refused to identify herself.

However, video footage of the incident shows that the woman was wearing a vest with the words “Press” on them. She is currently being held at a police station, according to the spokesman.

According to police, residents pelted security forces with stones and firecrackers during the protests.

Conflict over the possible evictions of Palestinian families in the neighbourhood have exacerbated tensions recently. It has been the focus of attention for decades because of property disputes.

Both Israeli settlers and Palestinians claim ownership there.

Protests continued in Sheikh Jarrah even after a May 21 ceasefire was reached between Israel and the Hamas movement in the Gaza Strip.

A court decision on the forced evictions had been postponed.

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