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Afghan exit strategy ‘Gold for Guns’ ?

By Dr Shahid Qureshi :-

“What do you see in Afghanistan”, a senior BBC journalist asked me at IISS in London on 18th January 2010 in London? I replied well as someone said, ‘you cannot buy an Afghan but you can rent them and time tested policy of guns for gold’. Any attempt and effort to bring peace in Afghanistan and region should be encouraged.

It is high time that fraudulent War on Terror must end now for many reasons because the whole premise of (9/11 attacks) with which it started was the biggest scandal and fraud of the human history?

President Obama should order criminal investigations into 9/11 terrorist attacks and failure of the costly intelligence system in place. One should look who are the real beneficiaries of war on terror?

It is a fact that current Obama Administration is surrounded with the shadows of Neo-Cons, beneficiaries of ‘war on terror’ and might have a little chance of delivering justice to the people especially the families of the dead soldiers and their victims killed in Afghanistan and Iraq. US should stop this target and arms practice in the name of ‘war on terror’ around the world.  9/11 terrorist incidents have become an industry and profiteering tool for many?

There seems to be two views in the Obama Administration on one side Hilary Clinton’s men Richard Holbrook, Robert Gates, and General MaCrystal whose agenda seems to be: destabilise, denuclearise, and disintegrate Pakistan. Though Robert gate denied any such plan during his recent visit with arms dealers but Pakistanis don’t trust them though pimping regime has not stopped undermining the state.

On the other side President Obama and some of his friends who want to pull out of Afghanistan and save US soldier’s lives, support and stabilise Pakistan. May be they want Obama to fail otherwise no sane planner would push on getting 30,000 more US troops on the ground when real requirement is about 400,000 according to a former NATO commander. All losing generals say if I had more troops I would have won the war! It is a testing time for Obama administration. Clinton’s camp was quite rude and insulting to President Obama during the election campaign.

President Bill Clinton sparked fury after allegedly saying of Barack Obama: “A few years ago, this guy would have been getting us coffee.” The ex-president made the outrageous comment during Obama’s Democratic primary race with Clinton’s wife Hillary, a new book claims. It allegedly came in a phone call with the late Teddy Kennedy, who was said to be “deeply offended”. Writers John Heliemann and Mark Halperin say Clinton made the call “belittling Obama” the day after he won a key primary in Iowa. Kennedy was said to be “fuming” as he later related Clinton’s words to a friend. The book also claims Hillary Clinton now in Obama’s Cabinet as Secretary of State was keen to seize on claims of her rival’s alleged past drug use to win votes.

People in the US are smart and talented but sometimes feel pressured by the mercenaries of the Wall Street. The new Afghan strategy seems to be supporting the decentralised system with the support of even Taliban. They have no trust on President Zardari of Pakistan and President Karazi of Afghanistan. Both have been abandoned like illegitimate children. Zardari‘s treacherous regime in Pakistan openly undermines the state of Pakistan right left and centre.

Majority in the Muslim World including Pakistan don’t have any problems with the people of the US but with its policies. People say that a tiny minority of Washington residents and their policies have hijacked not only whole country, made them a target Worldwide, paranoid, cagey, phobic and fearful at home but also made other people’s lives hell abroad. Analysts believe that the American people are being indoctrinated with the false propaganda through controlled media?

War on terror is not Pakistan’s war at all and those who believe they are either barking at the wrong tree or part of the ‘9/11 war industry’? The whole argument is flawed and baseless. Corrupt and compromised Zardari regime is not only a disgrace to the democratic principles, rule of law but also a black spot in the history of Pakistan. Zardari and Musharraf regime’s failure to understand that International politics is a game of interests clearly suggest that ‘treachery is/was behind it?

Historically US has never been a friend of Pakistan in need be it war in 1965 or nuclear deal with India, and all its friends paid heavy price be it individuals or countries? People know the US-Indian game in Afghanistan; one cannot be a partner, a friend, and an enemy at the same time? One wonders if friends of Pakistan like US and others are part of the problem or part of the solution. Zardari and Musharraf illegal and dodgy war on terror now reached the cities of Pakistan.

The Indian played double bluff on the one hand they started a meaningless and fruitless process of talks with zero outcome? On the other hand Indians never stopped conspiring against Pakistan? Are they alone in conspiring? There are reports of Indian funding terrorist groups and supporting terrorism in Pakistan and also presence of Indian troops in Afghanistan.  Sadly Zardari Gang is not even protesting about this ‘Indian terrorism in Pakistan’?

So what could be the best friendly advice to the US and other occupiers in Afghanistan?  (1) cut your losses and move out because people don’t want to be occupied (2) don’t repeat the same mistake again like leaving Afghanistan in a mess after Soviet withdrawal (3) start reconstruction and rehabilitation process in Afghanistan and Iraq (4) hearts and minds could be won with love not bombs, food not threats (e) fundamental change in the US foreign policy (5) Unnecessary, unfair and too much support of Israel has made lives of US citizens risky and open to hostility? (6) It seems US need to fight and win a war of liberation within from selfish ‘Wall Street’ blackmailers, opportunists, and hijackers of the very fundamental values of the US society and Constitution? (7) Efforts must be made to save innocent lives (8) safe return of more than 2.5 million Afghan refugees from Pakistan, which could be a breeding ground of angry men against the US occupation (9) US must stop plotting against Pakistan’s nuclear program and its security institutions after ‘Indian pillow talks’.

“Dodgy Al-Qaeda and its worldwide affiliates have gained credibility because they have fought against occupation forces in Iraq and Afghanistan. But their Takfiri agenda to become rulers in ‘any one’ Muslim country to use as a base, is now menacing every Muslim country.

They get support and credibility because of “cowardly and corrupt” leadership in many countries. This is not an area where association with America helps because US devotion to India and Israel makes closeness with America a raison d’etre for the slaughter they engage in. The Muslims have to deal with the Takfiris themselves by asserting that their wanton violence and criminal actions help those they describe as the enemy and hurt those they claim to want to support or liberate”, said a senior analyst.

History tells ‘people of this region don’t forget their revenge’ and Pakistan is not Andalusia. Pakistan’s existence lies in defiance of international plotters? Though Swat and Baluchistan tensions seem to
be linked with revenge and grievances but in reality it is a ‘plot to contain China’? Probably Chinese are waiting for the ‘war parties’ to run out of steam and money as happened in Vietnam?

It is time for the US to build bridges with the Muslim world by engaging with the people and not by hiring local useful idiots.

(Dr Shahid Qureshi is senior analyst with BBC and editor of The London Post. He writes on security, terrorism and foreign policy. He also appears as analyst on Al-Jazeera, Press TV, MBC, Kazak TV (Kazakhstan), LBC Radio London. He has written a famous book “War on Terror and Siege of Pakistan” published in 2009. He is PhD in ‘Political Psychology’ and also studied Law at a British University)

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