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Afaq Ahmed MQM-H leader in London

(London Post):-    Mohajir Quomi Movement (H) leader Afaq Ahmed spoke to media persons at a press conference in South London. He also exclusively talk to Dr Shahid Qureshi editor of The London Post. He was talking about his recent visit to London. Stated: I had meetings with British dignitaries and exchange views on mutually interesting matters. He was referring to the British economic interests in Karachi. He was of the view that Britain should look for the future and other options.

He recognised the role of The London Post in exposing MQM-A terrorism and price it had to pay for the freedom of speech. He was referring to the brutal murder of Faisal Qureshi by MQM-A terrorists in Lahore.  Afaq Ahmed said: Faisal Qureshi was a brave and honest journalist who stood for the freedom of media and free speech.

He acknowledged the sacrifices of the family members of Dr Shahid Qureshi since 1947 to date. He said: ‘I must praise the steadfastness; support and media support your family members for the country and party’.  He said: ‘We were underdogs and media was not publishing our stories but you and your family always stood by us’.

Afaq Ahmed said: ‘Media was and is scared of MQM-A terrorism that is why we don’t see any stories and reports in the press about their real activities’.

He offered prayers for the soul of Faisal Qureshi and his family members. He offered full support to the family in these difficult times. His UK party leader Salman Shariq was also present in the meeting.

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