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A Turkmen woman’s painful story”They took my husband.”

(N.B. Is a Turkmen woman from Kirkuk were living in Al Alam district in Salaheddin province in Iraq, she is one of hundreds of Turkmen women and girls have been kidnapped by Daa’esh after 10 June 2014.)

As soon as I asked her to tell me her story, with this few words “They took my husband”, while her eyes was filled with tears، A Turkmen mother (N. B.) has started her story .

As she reported to me; I was a mother of a 25 years old girl , We were living together with my husband and daughter in our small house in “Al Alam district” in Salaheddin province .

After entering Daa’esh gangs to our city and a few days before the death of “Sheikha Aumaia Aljebara”, the worst days of my life began, where terrorist gangs attacked us in the middle of the night , and they forcefully took my husband and till now i don’t know anything about him.

Few days later , They attacked again our house and asked forcefully my daughter to work in Nursing field ( as she was a nurse) and to treat the wounded ISIS militants .

At the same day of killing of “Sheikha Aumaia Jebara” who was living next door to our house , a group of Daa’esh attacked again our house, i tried to hid my daughter, but without any benefit, as they beat both of us aggressively, “Mrs N.B.said while her tears was falling like a rain”, when i tried to keep my daughter with me , the militants became angry on me and pushed me away Then they took my daughter again for nursing.

After few days, the brutal Group have brought us outside the city with a group of “girls and women” with total 20 Turkmen women from areas of Amerly, Yengeja, charadagli and Basheer” to “Maktab Khalid” area in Kirkuk and precisely, We stayed in a park for car repair, where the questions started to spin in my mind, what will be our fate?

After two days of psychological and physical torture and harassment, they split us into two groups of “girls and women” and even some were “pregnant” and they used us as gifts between the leaders for sexual enslavement, one after the other.

I heard someone of the militants blessing the others outside the park , “Mubarak, tonight your wife will be ready for, you have to prepare bedding” .

“The women while crying” ,she mentioned, they took my daughter after beating and biting me on my arm because i tried to prohibit them and shout on them, ” then she showed us the site of bite and the wound which didn’t heel till today”.

They took my only daughter together with a group of virgin girls for raping, they were bleeding in a way i didn’t see it before, where I was cutting my clothes To give them to stop bleeding but unfortunately, most of them died because of severe bleeding.

In this tragedy and suffering and abomination landscape and loneliness of the night and shouting of oppressed women and girls, one of the fighters who was elder man came to us, i asked him to help us, and after having begged him too much, he decided to help us, he started to lead us out, who i knew then that he was from Hawija district, and he joined Daa’esh gangs forcibly and after he saw abomination scene, he decided to help us and during a march outside the garage and after a full Messier night we lost a number of women as a result of severe bleeding, the elder man buried them in the road. Then we we continued to walk for a period of 5 days from “Maktab Khalid” area, with fear, pain and panic that has happened and the lack of food and drink with unknown destiny, we were walked only to save ourselves.

In the meantime the elder man left us as he told us that we are far away from the danger zone area, we entered then to Kirkuk and we went to our relatives and we heard later about killing of the elder man by Daa’esh as punishment because of helping us.

“This was Mrs. (N. B.)’s painful story ”

Shanay Qaranaz

Turkmen Rescue Foundation

21 / 12 / 2015



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