Scotland is braced for more gale force winds as gusts of up to 100mhp are expected to rip across the northern isles later today.

The Met Office has issued an Amber warning for Scotland’s Shetland Islands and the very northern tip of the country as localised flooding is expected across much of north England, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Yesterday winds of 140mph were recorded in the Cairngorm highlands, with 113mph recorded at Stornoway Airport.

A spokesperson for The Met Office told The Independent: “The vigorous depression is moving off towards the east, but will still hit Shetlands and northern areas today.”

The repeated warning comes after yesterday’s extreme weather that saw 70,000 Scottish homes without power and much of the ScotsRail service cancelled. Dramatic pictures emerged of an overturned lorry as major motorways crawled to a halt, battered by 100mph gusts.

They continued: “We will still have a strong north westerly over the day during the day. Nothing very unusual, but we might see some accumulation over higher ground.”

Fears of a blizzard across Scotland appear to have been dodged, however, the spokesperson did indicate there was a chance of some snowfall in the higher regions of Scotland and northern England.

The strong winds are expected to stay with the UK into the coming week, as another depression moves across Britain, “Staying with strong winds over the weekend as another strong pressure comes in tomorrow evening, and into Monday.”

The Met’s chief forecaster said: “There remains some uncertainty in the extent of the highest gusts but latest indications are that the developing low is going to be more intense and a little further south than earlier expectations, hence the risk of 100 mph gusts.“