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Polio Eradication Efforts in the Muslim World


(The London Post, 26 March 2014 -PR): MADE in Europe has completed an ethnographic research project examining the religious and cultural barriers to Polio eradication efforts in the Muslim world by engaging the diaspora in the UK. Results and recommendations from the research have been published in a unique report outlining the ways in which various sectors of the diaspora community can get involved in prioritising public health at home and abroad.

Report online here:


Conclusions of this report were also framed by a Roundtable event held on January 29th 2014 in which various high-level stakeholders from mainstream and Diaspora and Muslim NGOs were present. The participants agreed it was time for the Muslim community to take ownership of the challenges faced in the Polio endemic countries of Pakistan, Nigeria and Afghanistan.

MADE in Europe is a UK-based NGO working to mobilize Muslim communities to be at the forefront of the fight against global poverty and injustice. Its work focuses on creating opportunities for Muslim communities such as volunteering and campaigning and capacity building Muslim development-sector organizations. Its aim is to identify the barriers on global issues where there are low levels of engagement by Muslim communities and to build knowledge and understanding of these issues resulting in greater numbers of Muslims actively supporting these causes through individual actions, and through the work of Muslim and non-Muslim development NGOs

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