UK Brexit deal can get through if “backstop” clarified: Hunt


British Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt said on Friday that the Brexit deal can get passed by the parliament on condition that the European Union (EU) could make it clear that the backstop will be time-limited.

“If it (the backstop) is temporary, then parliament can live with that,” Hunt told local media in an interview. “We can get this (the Brexit deal) through, absolutely can.”

“Backstop” is designed to avoid border checks between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. It is considered by some British especially Brexiteers to be a trap to retain Britain in a customs union with the EU and pragmatically delay their “divorce”.

According to Hunt, the destiny of Britain’s deal for Brexit is in the hands of the EU. But the EU has formerly made clear that the deal is the “best one” and there is no renegotiation on it.