MQM-A is involved in murders of journalists and attacks on their families


By Shahid Qureshi – :

(London Post):  “I had successful meeting with the Scotland Yard officers this morning told Dr Zulifqar Mirza While talking exclusively to Shahid Qureshi editor of the London Post he said: “MQM-A is involved in terrorism and attacking journalists and their families. He gave his condolences over the murder of London Post journalist Faisal Qureshi”.

Soon after GEO TV Show at 1 Milbank Tower Media Centre, Westminster “he did special prayers for the murdered journalist Faisal Qureshi (London Post) at the end of the program and offered his condolences to the family members of his family”. He said: journalists are putting their lives at risk by exposing MQM-A atrocities.

Dr Zulifqar Mirza Home Minister Sindh met with Dr Shahid Qureshi to offer condolences for Faisal Qureshi's murder in London at Milbank Tower Westminster
Dr Zulifqar Mirza Home Minister Sindh met with Dr Shahid Qureshi to offer condolences for Faisal Qureshi’s murder in London at Milbank Tower Westminster

Dr Zulifqar mirza held a meeting with detectives at the Scotland Yard for an hour and handed “sensitive evidence” to them against MQM, he told this correspondent over phone. “I have only given a quarter to the police of the evidence I have and look forward to handing the remaining evidence too for them to go through everything.”

Mirza said he has embarked on a fight against “murderers, rapists, kidnappers and blackmailers” and would not be deterred from calling a spade a spade. A proof of his resolve was, he implied, the fact that he was brought under tremendous pressure to stop his campaign, including through his wife Dr Fahmida Mirza, the National Assembly Speaker, but there is no way he would stop.

He told British Pakistanis that if Dr Imran Farooq’s killers are not found then “we will live in the fear of the unknown” and invited them to break their silence as “silence is like connivance with crime”.

Dr Mirza accused the British government of “knowingly and willingly harbouring” the anti-Pakistan elements, who are responsible for the deaths of thousands over the last 3 or so decades.

He questioned why the UK government was not taking action against MQM. Dr Mirza went to the extent of suggesting the use of Taliban against the west if there is no action against the MQM, especially that Pakistan has made so many sacrifices to protect western interests.

“We are fighting as the frontline ally against in western support, we are sacrificing innocent lives and these governments have to give us our rights. Otherwise we have options, such as the one exercised by the Taliban. We have the option of living with respect through fighting a bigger terrorist with a lesser evil. Tell Taliban come and help us as Britons and Americans are not helping us,” Mirza said.

He alleged that MQM doesn’t tolerate difference of opinion and anyone who does that is killed or removed from the scene. During the question and answer session, Mirza was asked why he was targeting only the MQM and not the criminals hiding in other parties, including Pakistan People’s Party. Mirza admitted he was against MQM more than any other party because he alleged that its head was in cahoots with the forces conspiring to dismantle Pakistan.