China: Should eating be banned on Beijing subway?



(Beijing) There is a brewing debate among policymakers in #Beijing as to whether food and drinks should be permitted on the city’s #subway network.

Several members of the city’s people’s congress have urged that eating and drinking, along with distribution of fliers, begging and performing for money, be banned inside the train carriages.

They’ve even proposed fines as high as 1,000 yuan ($160), according to the Urban Construction and Environment Protection Committee, which comes under the city’s people’s congress.

The first draft of a policy regarding safety on the city’s subway lines, the Draft of Regulations on Beijing Railway Transportation Operation Safety, which was made public in February, had said that eating and drinking should be prohibited on subway trains.

However, the municipal government deleted the stipulation when it submitted the draft to the standing committee of the city’s people’s congress for review on Thursday.

Yang Hong, an official with Beijing Legal Affairs Office, has been quoted by China National Radio as saying that this was done because “eating and drinking doesn’t have much direct relation to the safety of the subway operation.”

She added that a large number of personnel would be needed to enforce the prohibition, and was skeptical about its effectiveness.

Others, however, seem to disagree. Guo Pujin, Director of the Urban Construction and Environment Protection Committee, believes that, “eating and drinking in the carriage of the subway may cause disputes between passengers and between passengers and the operators of the subway, as food and drink may be spilled or give out an unpleasant smell.”

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Courtesy: CCTV