2000 BJP terrorists were brought from outside of Delhi to kill Muslims: Indian Commission revealed


Investigations commission on the latest riots has revealed that more than 2000 terrorists were brought from outside for attacks on Muslims in Delhi while only Muslim shops were burned.

According to the India media news, the commission reported that more than 2,000 extremists, who were stayed in two schools were brought from outside of Delhi for attacks on Muslims.

Investigation Commission says only Muslim shops were burned and looted, 122 houses, 322 shops and 300 vehicles were set on fire while four mosques were martyred, five warehouses, three factories and two schools were burned.

The report also said that Hindu shops were safe during these three days riots, which proved that everything was done on purposely.
On the other hand, fire in New Delhi riots has not yet been extinguished and the death toll is increasing.

Hospital sources say the death toll rises to 53 in Anti-Muslim riots.